What’s on TCM: May 2017

Happy May, everyone! Although the weather is getting nicer outside, TCM is giving me plenty of good reasons to stay in and watch movies this month.

One of the biggest things going on in May is Clark Gable as Star of the Month. His movies will be shown every Tuesday night, continuing into Wednesday morning and afternoon throughout the month. In honor of the 50th anniversary of 1967, TCM will be spending two nights showing movies made during that year. The 1967 tribute is coming up on May 12 and 19.

But the thing I’m most looking forward to in May is the monster movie marathons that will be happening every Thursday night. I absolutely love it when TCM does spotlights like these because the movies are just so much fun to watch.

Without further ado, let’s get into the rest of the schedule.

May 1: Happy 100th birthday to Danielle Darrieux! TCM will be celebrating the actress with a prime time lineup of her movies. The Rage of Paris at 8:00 PM, La Ronde at 9:30 PM, The Earrings of Madame De… at 11:15 PM, Loss of Innocence at 1:15 AM, Un Chambre en Ville at 3:15 AM, and Rich, Young and Pretty at 5:00 AM.

May 2: Clark Gable has his first turn as Star of the Month tonight and the focus will be on his films from the early-to-mid 1930s. It Happened One Night at 8:00 PM, No Man of Her Own at 10:00 PM, Mutiny on the Bounty at 11:30 PM, A Free Soul at 3:00 AM, and Night Nurse at 5:00 AM.

May 3: The Clark Gable marathon continues into today with The Finger Points at 6:30 AM, Sporting Blood at 8:00 AM, Susan Lenox: Her Rise and Fall at 9:30 AM, Hell Divers at 11:00 AM, Polly of the Circus at 1:00 PM, Strange Interlude at 2:30 PM, Night Flight at 4:30 PM, and The White Sister at 6:00 PM.

May 4: This is my kind of day — Busby Berkeley musicals and monster movies! Gold Diggers of 1933 at 12:45 PM, Dames at 2:30 PM, Footlight Parade at 4:15 PM, and 42nd Street at 6:15 PM. Then it’s on to the monster movie lineup of Creature from the Black Lagoon at 8:00 PM, Revenge of the Creature at 9:30 PM, King Kong at 11:15 PM, Mothra at 1:15 AM, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms at 3:15 AM.

May 6: Lots of Kirk Douglas on today with Spartacus at 4:30 PM, The Bad and the Beautiful at 8:00 PM, Champion at 10:15 PM, and Lust for Life at 12:15 AM.

May 9: Clark Gable is back tonight with Possessed at 8:00 PM, Strange Cargo at 9:30 PM, Dance Fools Dance at 11:30 PM, Dancing Lady at 1:00 AM, Chained at 2:45 AM, Laughing Sinners at 4:15 AM, and Forsaking All Others at 5:45 AM.

May 10: The Clark Gable marathon continues into today with Love on the Run at 7:15 AM, After Office Hours at 8:45 AM, Cain and Mabel at 10:00 AM, Idiot’s Delight at 11:45 AM, They Met in Bombay at 1:45 AM, and Any Number Can Play at 3:30 AM. Then it’s on to a night of model-themed movies, including Cover Girl at 8:00 PM, How to Marry a Millionaire at 10:00 PM, and The French Line at 12:00 AM.

May 11: The creature features return with Rodan at 8:00 PM, The Black Scorpion at 9:30 PM, The Deadly Mantis at 11:15 PM, The Monster that Challenged the World at 1:00 AM, Empire of the Ants at 2:45 AM, and The Giant Claw at 4:30 AM.

May 12: In honor of the 50th anniversary of the pivotal year that 1967 was for film history, TCM is showing several movies celebrating turning 50 this year. First up is The Graduate at 8:00 PM, followed by In the Heat of the Night at 10:00 PM, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner at 12:00 AM, The Dirty Dozen at 12:00 AM, and The Producers at 4:45 AM.

May 14: Happy Mother’s Day! Spend the day watching movies with strong mother figures, like Mildred Pierce at 2:00 PM, Marty at 4:00 PM, and Imitation of Life at 5:45 PM.

May 15: All of tonight’s movies are directed by brother duos, starting with Grey Gardens at 8:00 PM, La Promesse at 10:00 PM, Blood Simple at 12:00 AM, Seven Days to Noon at 1:45 AM, Lumiere Brothers silent shorts at 3:30 AM, and Killer Klowns from Outer Space at 4:15 AM.

May 16: Ready for more Clark Gable? China Seas at 8:00 PM, Wife vs. Secretary at 9:30 PM, Red Dust at 11:00 PM, Manhattan Melodrama at 12:45 AM, Hold Your Man at 2:30 AM, and Too Hot to Handle at 4:15 AM.

May 17: More Gable in Saratoga at 6:15 AM, Men in White at 8:00 AM, The Secret Six at 9:30 AM, Parnell at 11:15 AM. Then it’s on to a night of Frances Dee movies with Happy Land at 8:00 AM, An American Tragedy at 9:30 PM, I Walked With a Zombie at 11:30 PM, Four Faces West at 1:00 AM, Of Human Bondage at 2:45 AM, Finishing School at 4:15 AM, and Love is a Racket at 5:45 AM.

May 18: The creatures attack again tonight in Them! at 8:00 PM, Godzilla, King of the Monsters! at 9:45 PM, It Came From Beneath the Sea at 11:30 PM, The Giant Behemoth at 1:00 AM, The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues at 2:30 AM, and The Magnetic Monster at 4:00 AM.

May 19: Tonight is part 2 of TCM’s celebration of movies from 1967. Tonight, there’s Cool Hand Luke at 8:00 PM, Bonnie and Clyde at 10:15 PM, Point Blank at 12:15 AM, Belle de Jour at 2:00 AM, and Wait Until Dark at 4:00 AM.

May 20: Only on TCM can you see movies like Gilda at 8:00 PM and You Were Never Lovelier at 10:15 PM, then Eraserhead at 2:00 AM.

May 22: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane at 8:00 PM, Die! Die! My Darling! at 10:30 PM, Strait-Jacket at 12:30 AM, What’s the Matter With Helen? at 2:15 AM, and The Nanny at 4:15 AM.

May 23: Yet another night of Clark Gable with Gone With the Wind at 8:00 PM, San Francisco at 12:15 AM, Test Pilot at 2:15 AM, and Boom Town at 4:30 PM.

May 24: The Gable marathon continues with The Painted Desert at 6:45 AM, Honky Tonk at 8:15 AM, Across the Wide Missouri at 10:15 AM, Lone Star at 11:45 AM, Adventure at 1:30 PM, Homecoming 3:45 PM, and Somewhere I’ll Find You at 5:45 PM.

May 25: We have one more night of monster movies tonight with Tarantula at 8:00 PM, Return of the Fly at 9:30 PM, The Cosmic Monsters at 11:15 PM, The Wasp Woman at 12:45 AM, Swamp Thing at 2:00 AM, The Killer Shrews at 4:00 AM.

May 26-29: It’s time for TCM’s annual Memorial Day war movie marathon. Over the weekend, I think I’ll be tuning in for Sergeant York at 10:00 PM on the 26th; No Time for Sergeants at 8:00 PM and Mister Roberts at 10:30 PM on the 27th, Hotel Berlin at 2:30 PM on the 28th; and The Dirty Dozen at 5:15 PM on the 29th.

May 30: Happy birthday to Howard Hawks! Celebrate by watching Bringing Up Baby at 7:45 AM, To Have and Have Not at 9:45 AM, and The Big Sleep at 11:30 AM. Tonight, it’s back to Clark Gable with It Happened in Naples at 8:00 PM, The King and Four Queens at 10:00 PM, The Misfits at 11:45 PM, Run Silent Run Deep at 2:00 AM, Key to the City at 3:45 AM, and To Please a Lady at 5:30 AM.

May 31: A few more from Clark Gable to close out his turn as Star of the Month with Mogambo at 7:15 AM, Never Let Me Go at 9:15 AM, Betrayed at 11:00 AM, and Band of Angels at 1:00 PM. Then in prime time, there’s a great night of movies directed by Delbert Mann, including Middle of the Night at 8:00 PM, Marty at 10:00 PM, and Separate Tables at 12:00 PM.

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