Lost Film

Metropolis Rediscovered

In a previous post, I talked about how excited I was for the big Metropolis restoration complete with lots of previously lost footage.  Kino International is planning a DVD/Blu-Ray release of the newly restored version for December 2010, so I just figured I’d have to wait until then to see it, unless I got lucky and got to see a theatrical screening of it before then.  So I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when I opened my mail and found a DVD of the new restoration from my friend Cohen!  Apparently Cohen has a friend who has a friend in Germany who recorded the restoration when Arte TV aired it and Cohen was nice enough to make me a copy.  I just finished watching it and absolutely loved it.  Having seen it, I can die a happy film nerd.  Here is exactly what you can expect:


Unseen Metropolis Footage

I never have been like most people my age.  When I was in middle/high school, everyone wanted to watch that televised celebration of mediocrity called Friends.  I was busy watching re-runs of Twin Peaks.  When I was in college, I stayed in and watched Antiques Roadshow on Saturday nights while almost everyone else went out to parties.  And now while just about everybody in the world is all geeked up about Avatar, I couldn’t possibly care less about Avatar.  Instead I’m getting positively giddy about a movie that’s over 80 years old.