Laurence Harvey

My Top 100, 90-81

Welcome to week two of counting down my top 100 favorite movies!  This week is a pretty eclectic bunch of movies.  There are a lot of lighthearted favorites, a couple of mysteries, some from the “I don’t usually like this kind of movie, but…” file, and even a few of my modern favorites.  So, let’s get to number 90…


BUtterfield 8 (1960)

BUtterfield 8 is a portrait of two people eager to start their lives over again.   Elizabeth Taylor plays Gloria Wanderous, a model with a reputation for being, as she so succinctly puts it, “the slut of all time.”  Laurence Harvey plays Weston Liggett, a wealthy man who has been forced into working for his wife’s family’s company in a position that’s all title, no work.  Weston channels his frustration into alcohol and women, which leads him to Gloria.  One night, while his wife is out of town, Weston meets Gloria and they spend a drunken night together.  When Gloria wakes up in the morning, she finds her dress torn and that Weston has left $250 for her.  Insulted that he left her money, she refuses to take it and simply borrows his wife’s mink coat so she doesn’t have to go home in her slip.  When she leaves Liggett’s apartment, she visits her best friend Steve Carpenter (Eddie Fisher) to ask him to get his girlfriend to loan her a dress.  He agrees, but isn’t happy about it.  His girlfriend is very jealous of Gloria and tells Steve that either Gloria goes or she does.  Steve is also tired of Gloria showing up at his place “boozed up, burnt out, and ugly,” but he sees her as a sister figure and has a difficult time saying no to her.