George Stevens

What’s on TCM: April 2010

Looking over TCM’s schedule for April, I have to say that it’s looking like a somewhat slow month.  And by “slow month,” I mean there’s a lot of good stuff, but not a lot of stuff that’s new to me.  But that’s OK though, because some of the stuff that is new to me is stuff that I’ve been really wanting to see for quite a while now.  However, there are also a couple of glaring omissions on the schedule: no birthday tributes to Bette Davis or Charlie Chaplin.  Bette and Charlie usually get birthday tributes (well, there is one Bette Davis movie on her birthday), but not this year.  Oh well, I have enough of their movies on DVD that I can have my own birthday tribute if I want.  Now, on to the rest of the schedule.


TCM Day in Review: 2/14/10

Yesterday was most certainly been the most five-star day on TCM this month!  Yesterday afternoon, I was able to watch: The More the Merrier, The Devil and Miss Jones, The Lady Eve, and Ball of Fire.  And those are only the ones I saw.  I skipped Notorious, High Society, and most of A Foreign Affair since those were all on quite early and I’d seen them all before.  I also caught Casablanca and The African Queen, but since I don’t have anything particularly unique to say about either one of those, I’m just going to skip writing about them.  Plus this entry is going to be long enough as it is without those two movies.