Simpson Sunday: Frankly, My Dear…

Gone With the Wind Rhett Scarlett

Season 10, Episode 20: The Old Man and the “C” Student

After ruining Springfield’s chances of hosting the Olympics, Bart is forced to volunteer at the nursing home where their Grandpa lives as part of a community service project at school. During his time volunteering there, he and Lisa watch Gone With the Wind with the residents. Only this is an “edited for seniors” version of the movie where anything unhappy has been cut out. Instead of hearing Clark Gable’s infamous last line, they hear dubbed-in dialogue that alters the ending so that Rhett declares his love for Scarlett and says they should remarry. Almost everyone loves the new ending, except for Bart and Hans Moleman who notice some glaring omissions.

Bart Simpson Watching Gone With the Wind

Hans Moleman Watching Gone With the Wind