Simpson Sunday: The Clown Singer

The Jazz Singer Marquee

Season 3, Episode 6: Like Father, Like Clown

After Bart helps Krusty the Clown avoid jail time for a crime he didn’t commit, Krusty (reluctantly) agrees to have dinner with the Simpson family as a way to thank Bart. As they’re having dinner, the family realizes that Krusty is Jewish, which leads to Krusty talking about his difficult relationship with his father.

Simpsons Krusty With Father

In a parody of 1927’s The Jazz Singer, Krusty reveals how he became estranged from his father over his choice of career. Krusty’s father, a prominent and highly respected Rabbi, had hoped his son would follow in his footsteps and become a Rabbi himself. But even from a young age, Krusty knew he wanted to be a clown and entertain people. Despite his father’s disapproval, Krusty kept practicing his act in secret, which gains popularity around the community. But when Krusty’s father attends an event where his son is the entertainment, he is horrified (and the writers made sure to include a reference to The Jazz Singer in his tirade.)

Krusty's Dad Simpsons Jazz Singer Reference