Simpson Sunday: A Word of Warning from Marge

Edward Van Sloan Frankenstein Introduction

Season 2, Episode 3: Treehouse of Horror

The Simpsons kicked off their annual “Treehouse of Horror” episodes during the show’s second season. Unlike regular episodes, “Treehouse of Horror” episodes consist of a few short horror-themed stories featuring characters from the show. The first “Treehouse of Horror” opened with Marge Simpson stepping out in front of a red curtain to warn viewers about how scary this episode is, an homage to Edward Van Sloan’s introduction to 1931’s Frankenstein. 

Marge Simpson THOH Intro

Apparently, the show’s writers were such big fans of the Edward Van Sloan Frankenstein introduction, they decided to pay tribute to it again in “Treehouse of Horror V” in season 6. Only in this introduction, she says that this episode is so scary, Congress has banned them from showing it so instead, they’ll be showing the 1947 movie 200 Miles to Oregon with Glenn Ford (although according to IMDB, it does not appear that there actually is a 1947 Glenn Ford movie titled 200 Miles to Oregon.)