Simpson Sunday: Casablanca’s Alternate Ending

Casablanca 1942

Season 9, Episode 25: Natural Born Kissers

In this episode, Bart and Lisa borrow a metal detector from Grampa Simpson and take it around town to see what they can find. After not having much luck, they think they’ve hit the jackpot when they end up discovering a buried box containing a film reel for an alternate ending to Casablanca.

Casablanca Alternate Ending

Bart and Lisa take the reel back to Grampa’s retirement home and get a film projector so they can watch it. In this version of the ending, Ilsa decides to come back to Rick and they end up getting married.

Casablanca Simpsons Alternate Ending Scene 2 Casablanca Simpsons Alternate Ending Scene

Everyone loves the alternate ending, except for another nursing home resident, who was apparently a studio executive at Warner Brothers. He explains that they tried to tack on that happy ending because they were idiots who had no idea what they were doing. Although Bart and Lisa say they think it’s great and want to give it to a museum, the guy offers them $20 to bury it again. While they’re at it, he’d also like them to bury another alternate ending to a different beloved classic film.

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