Simpson Sundays: It’s Not a Wonderful Life

George Bailey Jimmy Stewart Bank Run Scene

Season 6, Episode 21: The PTA Disbands

After the teachers at Springfield Elementary go on strike and shut down the school, Bart and Lisa cope with their newfound spare time in different ways. Lisa is completely lost without the structure of the school day, while Bart spends the days finding new ways to get into trouble around town. One day, he goes to the bank and starts a rumor that they’re out of money, causing a scene reminiscent of the bank run scene from It’s a Wonderful Life. When the bank customers get in an uproar, a Jimmy Stewart-type teller steps out to calm things down:

George Bailey Parody on The Simpsons

Jimmy Stewart-esque teller: “J-j-j-just a second here. I don’t have your money here. It’s in Bill’s house! A-a-a-and in Fred’s house!”

Alas, the crowd in Springfield was a little harder to please than the crowd in Bedford Falls was.

Moes Money