Simpson Sundays: Mmm…Grapefruit

James Cagney Mae Clarke Public Enemy Grapefruit

Season 4, Episode 14: Brother From the Same Planet

In this episode, Bart gets mad at Homer and decides to get revenge by pretending that he has no father and signing up for a Big Brothers program. When Homer realizes what Bart’s done, he decides to get back at Bart by signing up to be a Big Brother to a young, underprivileged boy named Pepi. While talking to Pepi, Homer describes an exaggerated tale of the way Bart treated him:

The Simpsons Public Enemy Parody

Homer: “Son, I want you to know I love you very much.”

Bart: “Shut up!”

Homer: “Mmm…grapefruit.”

It’s about time I finally started a new feature on here! Come back every Sunday for another classic film reference or parody from The Simpsons.

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