What’s on TCM: March 2016

Merle Oberon

Happy March, everyone! Looking at TCM’s schedule for the month, there’s a whole lot to be excited about this month. First of all, my favorite thing going on this month is the spotlight on movies that were condemned by the Catholic Legion of Decency coming up every Thursday night. It’s no secret that I love the boundary-pushing pre-code era and although this spotlight highlights movies from other eras, it’s still definitely a series that’s right up my alley.

Merle Oberon is March’s Star of the Month and her work will be showcased every Friday night this month. There’s also a series on movies about art and artists every Monday night, a special two-night Jerry Lewis celebration in honor of his 90th birthday, and a great Jean Harlow birthday tribute to look forward to. Now, on to the full schedule!

March 1: 31 Days of Oscars continues enters its home stretch with The Informer at 6:30 AM, Lifeboat at 8:15 AM, and Them! at 1:45 PM.

March 2: It’s the last day of 31 Days of Oscar with Johnny Belinda at 8:45 AM, Vivacious Lady at 12:00 PM, Spartacus at 8:00 PM, and Lust for Life at 11:30 PM.

March 3: TCM goes back to their regular programming, starting with a birthday tribute to the one and only Jean Harlow. See her in Platinum Blonde at 7:00 AM, The Public Enemy at 8:30 AM, The Secret Six at 10:00 AM, The Beast of the City at 11:30 AM, Red-Headed Woman at 1:00 PM, Three Wise Girls at 2:30 PM, Hold Your Man at 3:45 PM, The Girl From Missouri at 5:15 PM, and Personal Property at 6:30 PM. Then it’s on to the first night of their spotlight on movies condemned by the Catholic Legion of Decency with The Story of Temple Drake at 8:00 PM, Black Narcissus at 9:30 PM, Design for Living at 11:30 PM, The Outlaw at 1:15 AM, Baby Face at 3:30 AM, and Wild Boys of the Road at 5:00 PM.

March 4: Happy birthday to John Garfield. His birthday tribute includes They Made Me a Criminal at 6:15 AM and The Postman Always Rings Twice at 6:00 PM. Merle Oberon has her first night as Star of the Month tonight with These Three at 8:00 PM, Beloved Enemy at 9:45 PM, Folies Bergere de Paris at 11:30 PM, The Dark Angel at 1:00 AM, The Private Life of Don Juan at 3:00 AM, and The Private Life of Henry VIII at 4:30 AM.

March 5: Young Frankenstein at 12:00 PM, No Way Out at 2:00 PM, Cape Fear at 4:00 PM, Sabrina at 8:00 PM, The Bridge on the River Kwai at 10:00 PM, and Picnic at 1:00 AM.

March 6: The Good Earth at 6:00 AM, A Foreign Affair at 2:00 PM, Desk Set at 4:00 PM, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes at 6:00 PM.

March 7: It’s the first night of TCM’s spotlight on movies about art and artists with The Agony and the Ecstasy at 8:00 PM, Moulin Rouge (1952) at 10:30 PM, The Naked Maja at 12:45 AM, The Moon and Sixpence at 2:45 AM, and The Picasso Summer at 4:30 AM.

March 8: Robert Osborne chose tonight’s line-up, including Frenchman’s Creek at 8:00 PM, My Cousin Rachel at 10:00 PM, Who Done It? at 12:00 AM, and The Ritz at 1:30 AM.

March 9: Spend the day with Joan Crawford! Sadie McKee at 6:00 AM, The Women at 7:45 AM, Susan and God at 10:00 AM, Mildred Pierce at 12:00 PM, Humoresque at 2:00 PM, Possessed (1947) at 4:15 PM, and Torch Song at 6:15 PM.

March 10: It’s another of night of movies that were condemned. M (1951) at 8:00 PM, The French Line at 9:45 PM, And God Created Woman at 11:45 PM, Untamed Youth at 1:30 AM, and Breathless at The 3:00 AM

March 11: Lots of great stuff on today! Now, Voyager at 6:00 AM, The Philadelphia Story at 8:00 AM, Designing Woman at 10:00 AM, Sabrina at 5:15 PM. Then Merle Oberon is back with The Lodger at 8:00 PM,  Wuthering Heights at 9:30 PM, The Cowboy and the Lady at 11:30 PM, The Divorce of Lady X at 1:15 AM, The Lion Has Wings at 3:00 AM, and The Scarlet Pimpernel at 4:30 AM.

March 13: The Smiling Lieutenant at 8:15 AM, Love Letters at 10:00 AM, The Uninvited at 12:00 PM, Viva Las Vegas at 6:15 PM, Victor/Victoria at 8:00 PM, and Tootsie at 10:30 PM.

March 14: It’s back to the movies about art and artists with Lust for Life at 8:00 PM, El Greco at 10:15 PM, Rembrandt at 12:00 AM, and Andrei Rublev at 1:30 AM.

March 15: Tonight is the first night of a two-night celebration of Jerry Lewis in honor of his 90th birthday. There’s The Stooge at 8:00 PM, The Caddy at 10:00 PM, Artists and Models at 12:00 AM, You’re Never Too Young at 2:00 AM, and At War With the Army at 4:00 AM.

March 16: The Jerry Lewis birthday celebration continues tonight with The Bellboy at 8:00 PM, The King of Comedy at 9:30 PM, Cracking Up at 11:30 PM, Which Way to the Front at 1:00 AM, and Three on a Couch at 3:00 AM.

March 17: Get ready for a night of condemned movies. Tonight’s selections include Viridiana at 8:00 PM, Kiss Me, Stupid at 9:45 PM, Blow-Up at 12:00 AM, Never on Sunday at 2:00 AM, and Reflections in a Golden Eye at 3:45 AM.

March 18: Merle Oberon is back tonight with First Comes Courage at 8:00 PM, A Song to Remember at 9:45 PM, That Uncertain Feeling at 11:45 PM, Lydia at 1:15 AM, ‘Til We Meet Again at 3:00 AM, and Over the Moon at 4:45 AM.

March 20: Dead Ringer at 10:00 AM, Touch of Evil at 6:00 PM, Ben-Hur at 8:00 PM.

March 21: More art and artists tonight with The Two Mrs. Carrolls at 8:00 PM, The Picture of Dorian Gray at 10:00 PM, A Bucket of Blood at 12:00 AM, The Mystery of the Wax Museum at 1:15 AM, A Quiet Place in the Country at 2:45 AM, and The Girl from Jones Beach at 4:45 AM.

March 22: Guest Programmer Richard Kind chose tonight’s line-up of The Apartment at 8:00 PM, Soldier in the Rain at 10:15 PM, M*A*S*H at 12:00 AM, and Lawrence of Arabia at 2:15 AM.

March 23: Happy birthday to Akira Kurosawa! No Regrets for Our Youth at 6:00 AM, Stray Dog at 8:00 AM, The Seven Samurai at 10:30 AM, The Bad Sleep Well at 2:15 PM, and High and Low at 5:15 PM.

March 24: Ready for more condemned movies? Tonight, we’ve got The Carey Treatment at 8:00 PM, The Competition at 10;00 PM, Those Lips Those Eyes at 12:15 AM, Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural at 2:15 AM, and Ice Castles at 4:00 AM.

March 25: One more night of Merle Oberon with Desiree at 8:00 PM, Hotel at 10:00 PM, Keep in my Heart at 12:15 AM, Berlin Express at 2:30 AM, Night Song at 4:00 AM, and Affectionately Yours at 5:45 AM.

March 26: It’s a night of amazing movie stunts with The General at 8:00 PM, The Driver at 9:30 PM, Stagecoach at 11:15 PM, and Safety Last! at 1:00 AM.

March 27: Happy Easter! Today, there’s The Silver Chalice at 6:00 AM, The Singing Nun at 8:30 AM, The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima at 10:15 AM, The Nun’s Story at 12:00 PM, Barabbas at 2:45 PM, King of Kings (1961) at 5:15 PM, Easter Parade at 8:00 PM, Going My Way at 10:00 PM, The King of Kings (1927) at 12:15 AM.

March 28: One more night of art and artists with The Art of Love at 8:00 PM, F for Fake at 9:45 PM, Scarlet Street at 11:30 PM, The Happy Thieves at 1:30 AM, An American in Paris at 3:15 AM.

March 29: Penthouse (1933) at 9:15 AM, 42nd Street at 12:30 PM, Gypsy at 5:30 PM.

March 30: Only on TCM can you see Un Chien Andalou at 6:00 AM, A Midsummer Night’s Dream at 8:15 AM, and Wild Strawberries at 10:30 AM, and Dead of Night at 4:00 PM on a Wednesday.

March 31: If you’ve ever wanted to see Humphrey Bogart wrestle an octopus, Isle of Fury is right up your alley at 7:45 AM. Tonight, we have one more night of condemned movies with The Moon is Blue at 8:00 PM, Baby Doll at 10:00 PM, L’Amore at 12:15 AM, Strange Cargo at 1:45 AM, Rififi at 3:45 AM, and Love in the Afternoon at 5:45 AM.


  1. I am REALLY looking forward to March 3rd (birthday tribute to Jean Harlow)! I should have taken the day off work, but I’m sure my DVR will be working overtime for me that day haha! I’ve seen most of Harlow’s films before but there are a couple on the TCM schedule that I haven’t watched yet – The Secret Six and The Beast of the City.

    1. March 3rd is definitely my favorite day of the whole month. Between the Jean Harlow birthday tribute and the night of condemned films, most of which are pre-codes, it’s a day that’s so perfectly up my alley.

      Beast of the City was pretty decent from what I remember (it’s been a long time since I last saw it), but The Secret Six was just an OK movie. It’s mostly just interesting for being the first movie Gable and Harlow made together, when they were both up-and-coming stars.

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