What’s on TCM: October 2015

Ida Lupino

Happy October, everyone! Get yourself a cup of coffee (or other caffeinated beverage of your choice) and free up some space on your DVR because October is going to be one amazing month on TCM.

First of all, every Tuesday and Thursday night in October, TCM will be spotlighting trailblazing women filmmakers ranging from the days of Alice Guy-Blaché through Ava DuVernay. Speaking of Alice Guy-Blaché, October is going to be a good month for silent movie lovers because not only is there a night of silent films all directed by women, on the 18th, there’s going to be a night of silent movies that were thought to be lost but have been rediscovered, including Harry Houdini’s The Grim Game from 1919. There are also birthday tributes to Lillian Gish and Jackie Coogan, so there are plenty of silent films on during the daytime this month, too.

David Niven is October’s star of the month and his movies will be shown every Monday night this month. Lastly, no October line-up would be complete without horror movies. Lots and lots of horror movies. Stay tuned on Friday nights, plus all day long on October 30th and 31st, for plenty of classic horror films.

October 1: TCM starts their spotlight on women filmmakers with a look at some female filmmakers from the silent era. There’s a collection of Alice Guy-Blaché shorts at 8:00 PM, The Ocean Waif at 9:30 PM, The Blot at 10:15 PM, The Love Light at 12:00 AM, the documentary Without Laying Down: Frances Marion and the Power of Early Women in Hollywood at 1:45 AM, The Red Kimona at 2:45 AM, The Adventures of Prince Achmed at 4:15 AM.

October 2: The first night of horror movies includes Two on a Guillotine at 8:00 PM, House on Haunted Hill at 10:00 PM, The Haunting at 11:30 PM, The House of Seven Corpses at 1:30 AM.

October 3: Don’t miss Lillian Gish in The Wind tonight at 8:00 PM!

October 4: The first two episodes of TCM’s Moguls and Movie Stars documentary series from 2010 are on today with episode 1 at 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM. There’s also The Killers at 12:00 PM, Hush…Hush…Sweet Charlotte at 2:00 PM, Key Largo at 6:15 PM, and 1925’s The Phantom of the Opera at 12:45 AM.

October 5: If you’ve never seen one of my favorite recent movie discoveries, Friendly Persuasion, it’s on today at 12:30 PM. David Niven has his first night in the spotlight tonight with Raffles at 8:00 PM, Bachelor Mother at 9:30 PM, The Dawn Patrol at 11:00 PM, Wuthering Heights at 1:00 AM, Splendor at 3:00 AM, and Eternally Yours at 4:30 AM.

October 6: A few more from David Niven this morning with Dodsworth at 6:15 AM, The Charge of the Light Brigade at 8:00 AM, The Prisoner of Zenda at 10:00 AM, Rose-Marie at 12:00 PM, and A Feather in Her Hat at 2:00 PM. The women filmmakers are back with Dance, Girl, Dance at 8:00 PM, Outrage at 9:45 PM, The Heartbreak Kid at 11:15 PM, First Love at 1:15 AM, and Sparrows Can’t Sing at 3:00 AM.

October 7: Enjoy some beautiful cinematography tonight with The Good Earth at 8:00 PM, Citizen Kane at 10:30 PM, Somebody Up There Likes Me at 12:45 AM, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe? at 2:45 AM, and Air Force at 5:00 AM.

October 8: More female filmmakers tonight with Wanda at 8:00 PM, Girlfriends at 10:00 PM, Valley Girl at 11:45 PM, True Love at 1:30 AM, Border Radio at 3:15 AM.

October 9: Buster Keaton’s silent classic The General is on at 6:00 AM. Then get ready for more classic horror tonight with Mad Love at 8:00 PM, The Beast With Five Fingers at 9:30 PM, Hands of a Stranger at 11:15 PM, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die at 1:00 AM, Corruption at 2:30 AM, and Eyes Without a Face at 4:15 AM.

October 11: Episodes 3 and 4 of the Moguls and Movie Stars documentary series are on today at 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM respectively. There’s also A Summer Place at 1:45 PM, Adam’s Rib at 6:00 PM, A Star is Born (1954) at 8:00 PM, It Should Happen to You at 11:00 PM, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920) at 12:30 AM.

October 12: Suspicion at 9:30 AM, Strangers on a Train at 11:30 AM, Dial M for Murder at 1:30 PM, The Postman Always Rings Twice at 3:30 PM, and Elevator to the Gallows at 5:30 PM. Then David Niven is back with A Matter of Life and Death at 8:00 PM, The Bishop’s Wife at 10:00 PM, The First of the Few at 12:00 AM, The Way Ahead at 2:15 AM, Enchantment at 3:45 AM, and A Kiss in the Dark at 5:45 AM.

October 13: The spotlight on women filmmakers continues tonight with Crossing Delancey at 8:00 PM, Look Who’s Talking at 10:00 PM, A Dry White Season at 11:45 PM, Mrs. Soffel at 1:30 AM, and Cookie at 3:30 AM.

October 14: Happy birthday to Lillian Gish! Intolerance at 6:00 AM, La Boheme at 9:30 AM, Broken Blossoms at 11:15 AM, The Scarlet Letter at 1:00 PM, Way Down East at 3:00 PM, The White Sister at 5:30 PM. Then it’s on to a night of Robert Osborne’s picks, which is a diverse lineup including Leave Her to Heaven at 8:00 PM, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir at 10:00 PM, A Clockwork Orange at 12:00 AM, and Time After Time at 2:30 AM.

October 15: Three on a Match at 7:15 AM, Gold Diggers of 1933 at 9:45 AM, They Won’t Forget at 2:00 PM, Random Harvest at 3:45 PM, East Side West Side at 6:00 PM. Then it’s back to female filmmakers with Araya at 8:00 PM, Harlan County USA at 9:30 PM, The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter at 11:30 PM, Portrait of Jason at 12:45 AM, The Decline of Western Civilization at 2:45 AM.

October 16: More classic horror tonight with The Nanny at 8:00 PM, The Bad Seed at 9:45 PM, Children of the Damned at 12:00 AM, Village of the Damned at 1:45 AM, and The Curse of the Cat People at 3:15 AM.

October 17: City for Conquest at 6:00 AM, Brnnigan at 3:30 PM, The Petrified Forest at 10:00 PM, The Decline of Western Civilization Part 2 at 2:30 AM.

October 18: Episodes 5 and 6 of Moguls and Movie Stars are on at 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM respectively. Then it’s a night of silent films that were previously thought to be lost with Houdini’s The Grim Game at 8:00 PM, Sherlock Holmes from 1919 at 9:30 PM, The Grim Game (with a different score) at 11:45 PM, The Round-Up at 1:15 AM, and The Life of the Party at 2:30 AM.

October 19: David Niven is back with Around the World in 80 Days at 8:00 PM, My Man Godfrey (1957) at 11:15 PM, The Moon is Blue at 1:00 AM, Bonjour Tristesse at 3:00 AM, and The Toast of New Orleans at 4:45 AM.

October 20: More women filmmakers with A League of Their Own at 8:00 PM, Sleepless in Seattle at 10:15 PM, The Prince of Tides at 12:15 AM, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway at 2:45 AM, and Home for the Holidays at 5:00 AM.

October 21: Actor Nathan Lane is October’s guest programmer and has chosen The Producers at 8:00 PM, All the President’s Men at 9:45 AM, Being There at 12:15 AM, and City Lights at 2:30 AM.

October 22: The women filmmaker spotlight continues with Losing Ground at 8:00 PM, Daughters of the Dust at 9:45 AM, Just Another Girl in the I.R.T. at 11:45 PM, Middle of Nowhere at 1:30 AM, Best Men at 3:15 AM, and Little Dorrit: Part 1 at 5:00 AM, and Little Dorrit: Part 2 at 6:00 AM.

October 23: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941) at 8:00 PM, The Hunchback of Notre Dame at 10:30 PM, The Fall of the House of Usher at 12:45 AM, The Picture of Dorian Gray at 2:00 AM, and The Curse of Frankenstein at 4:00 AM.

October 25: The final episode of Moguls and Movie Stars is on at 10:00 AM, the documentary Baby Peggy: The Elephant in the Room is on at 12:00 AM, and The Family Secret, starring Baby Peggy, is on at 1:00 AM.

October 26: Happy birthday to Jackie Coogan with The Kid at 6:00 AM, Oliver Twist at 7:00 AM, The Rag Man at 8:30 AM. There’s also The Gold Rush at 9:45 AM. Then it’s the last night of David Niven as star of the month with Please Don’t Eat the Daisies at 8:00 PM, The Impossible Years at 10:00 PM, 55 Days at Peking at 11:45 PM, The Best of Enemies at 2:30 AM, and Murder by Death at 4:30 AM.

October 27: More movies made by women tonight with Gigi (1948) at 8:00 PM,  Cleo from 5 to 7 at 9:30 PM, Salaam Bombay! at 11:15 PM, Love and Anarchy at 1:15 AM, and Jeanne Dielman 23 Quai du Commerce 1080 Bruxelles at 3:15 AM.

October 29: Freaks at 7:45 AM, The Devil-Doll at 9:15 AM, House on Haunted Hill at 10:45 AM, Macabre at 12:15 PM, Suspicion at 1:45 PM, Stage Fright at 3:30 PM, and A Bucket of Blood at 5:30 PM. For the last night of TCM’s spotlight on women filmmakers, there’s Away from Her at 8:00 PM, Walking and Talking at 10:00 PM, The Hurt Locker at 11:45 PM, The Virgin Suicides at 2:00 AM, and Frida at 3:45 AM.

October 30: The classic horror lineup is kicking into high gear with a lot of Hammer horror movies today, including The Mummy at 8:15 AM, Dracula Prince of Darkness at 9:45 AM, Frankenstein Created Woman at 11:30 AM, Dracula Has Risen From the Grave at 1:15 PM, Frankenstein Must be Destroyed at 3:00 PM, Crescendo at 4:45 PM, and Dracula A.D. 1972 at 6:15 PM. Then in prime time, there’s Cat People at 8:00 PM, the documentary Val Lewton: The Man in the Shadows at 9:30 PM, The Seventh Victim at 11:00 PM, The Leopard Man at 12:15 AM, The Ghost Ship at 1:30 AM, The Body Snatcher at 2:45 AM, Isle of the Dead at 4:15 AM, and Bedlam at 5:30 AM.

October 31: Happy Halloween! It’s all horror, all day with Doctor X at 7:00 AM, White Zombie at 8:30 AM, Dementia 13 at 9:45 AM, The Fearless Vampire Killers: Or Pardon Me, but Your Teeth are in My Neck at 11:15 AM, Homicidal at 1:15 PM, The Tingler at 3:00 PM, House of Wax at 4:30 PM, The Devil’s Bride at 6:15 PM, The Picture of Dorian Gray at 8:00 PM, Curse of the Demon at 10:00 PM, Dead of Night at 11:30 PM, Mark of the Vampire at 1:30 AM.