What’s on TCM: May 2015

Dr. Strangelove Poster

Happy May, everyone! Ready for a new month of movies to look forward to?

Sterling Hayden is the Star of the Month for May and his movies can be seen every Wednesday night this month. In addition to Sterling, there’s also a lot of Orson Welles on the schedule this month because he’ll be the subject of this month’s Friday Night Spotlight.

TCM will also be doing a spotlight on disaster films on May 7, 14, and 21. On May 23, 24, and 25, TCM will be doing their annual Memorial Day war movie marathon.

May’s celebrity Guest Programmer is Tony Bennett and Gary Sargent, whose selections I really love.  But I’d say the highlight of the month is the night of May 2, which will give me the chance to indulge my love of both Garbo movies and bad disco movies.

Without further ado, let’s take a better look at the schedule.

May 1: May starts off with a night of Orson Welles movies with Citizen Kane at 8:00 PM, The Magnificent Ambersons at 10:15 PM, Jane Eyre at 12:00 AM, and Too Much Johnson at 2:00 AM.

May 2: This is so my kind of night! First there’s a night of Greta Garbo movies with Ninotchka at 8:00 PM, Queen Christina at 10:00 PM, and Anna Christie at 12:00 AM. And then TCM Underground comes on with one of my favorite amazingly terrible movies, Roller Boogie, at 2:00 AM. I am so here for this line-up.

May 5: Robert Osborne has selected tonight’s lineup of Miss Sadie Thompson at 8:00 PM, Torrid Zone at 9:45 PM, Agatha at 11:30 PM, And Then There Were None at 1:15 AM, Always in My Heart at 3:15 AM.

May 6: Need a nurse? Just turn on TCM for Night Nurse at 6:00 AM, Vigil in the Night at 11:00 AM, and A Farewell to Arms at 2:00 PM. Then it’s time for Sterling Hayden with The Killing at 8:00 PM, The Asphalt Jungle at 9:45 PM, Crime Wave at 11:45 PM, Suddenly at 1:15 AM, Crime of Passion at 2:45 AM, and Five Steps to Danger at 4:15 AM.

May 7: If you love disaster movies, you won’t want to miss Airport at 8:00 PM, The Crowded Sky at 10:30 PM, The Hindenburg at 12:30 AM, Five Came Back at 2:45 AM, and Skyjacked at 4:15 AM.

May 8: Orson Welles is back tonight with Touch of Evil at 8:00 PM, The Lady from Shanghai at 10:00 PM, Mr. Arkadin at 11:45 PM, and Journey Into Fear at 1:45 AM.

May 10: Happy mother’s day! Spend the day with some famous movie mothers with Bachelor Mother at 6:00 AM, So Big at 7:30 AM, Stella Dallas at 9:00 AM, Imitation of Life at 11:00 AM, Marty at 1:15 PM, Pocketful of Miracles at 3:00 PM, Gypsy at 5:30 PM, Roughly Speaking at 8:00 PM, Mildred Pierce at 10:15 PM.

May 12: Happy birthday to the great Katharine Hepburn! Her birthday tribute includes Morning Glory at 6:15 AM, Spitfire at 7:30 AM, her interview with Dick Cavett at 9:00 AM, Holiday at 10:15 AM, Suddenly Last Summer at 12:00 PM, Without Love at 2:00 PM, Pat and Mike at 4:00 PM, and The Madwoman of Challiot at 5:45 PM. Then guest programmer Tony Bennett takes over with The Treasure of the Sierra Madre at 8:00 PM, Modern Times at 10:30 PM, The Best Years of Our Lives at 12:15 AM, I’ll Be Seeing You at 3:15 AM, and One Way Passage at 4:45 AM.

May 13: Sterling Hayden is back with Zero Hour! at 8:00 PM, The Golden Hawk at 9:30 PM, Ten Days to Tulara at 11:15 PM, Battle Taxi at 12:45 AM.

May 14: More disaster movies tonight with In Old Chicago at 8:00 PM, Earthquake at 10:00 PM, San Francisco at 12:15 AM, The Hurricane at 2:15 AM, and The Last Days of Pompeii at 4:15 AM.

May 15: Happy birthday to James Mason! Today’s line-up includes some of his best: A Star is Born at 9:15 AM, North By Northwest at 12:30 PM, and Lolita at 3:00 PM. Then it’s time for more Orson Welles at Chimes at Midnight at 8:00 PM, Othello at 10:15 PM, Macbeth at 12:00 AM.

May 17: Lots of great stuff on today! Grand Hotel at 6:00 AM, Casablanca at 2:00 PM, A Raisin in the Sun at 4:00 PM, Cabaret at 8:00 PM, and The Blue Angel at 10:15 PM.

May 18: Happy birthday to Frank Capra! Today, there’s Forbidden at 6:00 AM, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town at 7:30 AM, You Can’t Take it With You at 9:30 AM, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington at 11:45 AM, Meet John Doe at 2:00 PM, and Arsenic and Old Lace at 5:45 PM.

May 20: More Sterling Hayden tonight with Johnny Guitar at 8:00 PM, Top Gun at 10:00 PM, Kansas Pacific at 11:30 PM, Terror in a Texas Town at 1:00 AM, The Iron Sheriff at 2:30 AM, and Arrow in the Dust at 4:00 AM

May 21: Only on TCM will you see a bunch of Doris Day movies followed by a bunch of disaster movies. For Doris Day, there’s Romance on the High Seas at 6:00 AM, It’s a Great Feeling at 7:45 AM, My Dream Is Yours at 9:15 AM, Tea For Two at 11:00 AM, I’ll See You in My Dreams at 12:45 PM, On Moonlight Bay at 2:45 PM, April in Paris at 4:30 PM, By the Light of the Silvery Moon at 6:15 PM. Then for the disaster movies, there’s The Poseidon Adventure at 8:00 PM, Beyond the Poseidon Adventure at 10:15 PM, Juggernaut at 12:15 AM, A Night to Remember at 2:15 AM, and The Last Voyage at 4:30 PM.

May 22: More Orson Welles tonight with The Stranger at 8:00 PM, The Trial at 10:00 PM, The Immortal Story at 12:15 AM, and F for Fake at 1:30 AM.

May 23-25: It’s time for TCM’s annual Memorial Day marathon of war movies. My two top picks from these days are The Big Parade and Grand Illusion at 12:15 AM and 3:00 AM respectively, both on the 24th.

May 27: It’s Sterling Hayden’s last turn as Star of the Month with The Star at 8:00 PM, So Big at 9:45 PM, The Long Goodbye at 11:45 PM, Loving at 1:45 AM, and Dr. Strangelove at 3:30 AM.

May 29: One last night of Orson Welles movies this month with The Third Man at 8:00 PM, Tomorrow is Forever at 10:00 PM, The V.I.P.s at 12:00 AM, and A Man For All Seasons at 2:15 AM.

May 30: Another Thin Man at 12:00 PM, A Place in the Sun at 2:00 PM, Bad Day at Black Rock at 4:15 PM, Mister Roberts at 5:45 PM, To Kill a Mockingbird at 8:00 PM, and Fury at 10:30 PM.

May 31: Top Hat at 12:00 PM and The Bad Seed at 2:00 PM.