Coming in May…30 from the 30’s!

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It’s hard to believe it’s already almost May (wasn’t it just New Year’s Eve?), but I have something a little special in store for you guys in the upcoming month!

Since I will be turning 30 in May, I thought it would be fun to celebrate that milestone by spending the month writing about my favorite decade for films: the 1930’s. So stay tuned throughout May for my “30 From the 30’s” series, where I will be posting reviews about 30 movies released during the 1930’s. (I know May has 31 days in it, but I’m not turning 31 yet and “30 From the 30’s” has a better ring to it.) Unlike my 30 Days of Pre-Codes series, this series will feature movies from the entire decade of the 1930’s.

So stay tuned for lots of reviews of movies starring people like Claudette Colbert, Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, Joan Blondell, Jean Harlow, Norma Shearer, Ginger Rogers, and many, many more!


  1. Whew! 30 reviews in 30 days? That sounds like a marathon. Look forward to checking it out. For June I’m writing just a list of my favorite films of the thirties for my blog…but that’s just a list. Can’t wait to see how our picks intersect. Good luck…

  2. Seriously, I felt exhausted just reading about that. I’m looking forward to it, but dang, you’re going to give yourself carpal tunnel syndrome.

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