What’s on TCM: January 2015

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Happy January and happy 2015! I hope you had a nice holiday season. After all of the chaos of December, it’s time to relax with some TCM.

Overall, it’s a pretty calm month, but still has a lot to offer. January’s Star of the Month is Robert Redford, whose movies will be featured every Tuesday night this month. The theme for this month’s Friday Night Spotlight is movies based on the works of Neil Simon. On January 22nd, TCM will show a night of Debbie Reynolds movies in recognition of her receiving the Life Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the schedule…

January 1: What a great way to start 2015! For the daytime, there’s a theme of Bette Davis vs. Joan Crawford with Torch Song at 6:00 AM, Storm Center at 7:30 AM, The Story of Esther Costello at 9:00 AM, Where Love Has Gone at 10:45 AM, Strait-Jacket at 12:45 PM, Dead Ringer at 2:30 PM, Berserk 4:30 PM, and The Nanny at 6:15 PM. Then for prime time, it’s a night of Marx Brothers classics with Horse Feathers at 8:00 PM, A Night at the Opera at 9:15 PM, A Day at the Races at 11:00 PM, Room Service at 1:00 AM, At the Circus at 2:30 AM, and Go West at 4:00 AM.

January 2: It’s the first Friday Night Spolight on films based on the works of Neil Simon with The Odd Couple at 8:00 PM, The Out-of-Towners at 10:00 PM, and Come Blow Your Horn at 12:00 AM.

January 4: Anchors Aweigh at 6:00 AM, On Approval at 8:45 AM, Carefree at 12:00 PM, Charade at 8:00 PM, and Children of Paradise at 2:00 AM.

January 5: A wonderful line-up of Jean Arthur movies is up tonight. Mr. Deeds Goes to Town at 8:00 PM, The More the Merrier at 10:00 PM, You Can’t Take it With You at 12:00 AM, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington at 2:15 AM, and History is Made at Night at 4:30 AM.

January 6: Happy birthday to Loretta Young! And if you’re a fan of Loretta’s pre-codes, most of her birthday tribute should be right up your alley. The Devil to Pay at 6:15 AM, Big Business Girl at 7:30 AM, Platinum Blonde at 8:45 AM, The Ruling Vice at 10:15 AM, Taxi! at 11:45 AM, They Call It Sin at 1:00 PM, Week-End Marriage at 2:15 PM, Employees’ Entrance at 3:30 PM, Heroes for Sale at 5:00 PM, and The Unguarded Hour at 6:30 PM. Then it’s on to Robert Redford’s first night as Star of the Month with The Sting at 8:00 PM, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid at 10:15 PM, Jeremiah Johnson at 12:15 AM, and War Hunt at 2:30 AM.

January 7: New York, New York…it’s the city of the day on TCM. See it in Tarzan’s New York Adventure at 1:00 PM, On the Town at 2:15 PM, and Sunday in New York at 6:00 PM.

January 8: Happy birthday to the one and only Elvis! Live a Little, Love a Little at 7:15 AM; It Happened at the World’s Fair at 9:15 AM; Viva Las Vegas at 11:15 AM; Girl Happy at 12:45 PM; Kissin’ Cousins at 2:30 PM; Spinout at 4:15 PM; and Elvis: That’s the Way it Is at 6:00 PM. January’s Guest Programmer is Michael Feinstein, who has chosen Too Late Blues at 8:00 PM, Rhapsody in Blue at 10:00 PM, Cabin in the Sky at 12:30 AM, and Summer Holiday at 2:30 AM.

January 9: The spotlight is back on movies based on Neil Simon plays tonight with Murder By Death at 8:00 PM, The Cheap Detective at 9:45 PM, Plaza Suite at 11:30 PM, and California Suite at 1:30 AM.

January 10: Spend some time with the works of the great German director Fritz Lang with his silent masterpiece Metropolis at 8:00 PM, Ministry of Fear at 10:45 PM, and The Blue Gardenia at 12:30 AM.

January 12: Today would have been Luise Rainer’s 105th birthday. If you would like to watch some of her films in her honor, there’s The Great Ziegfeld at 6:00 AM, The Big City at 9:00 AM, The Emporer’s Candlesticks at 10:30 AM, The Good Earth at 12:00 PM, Dramatic School at 2:30 PM, The Great Waltz at 4:00 PM, The Toy Wife at 5:45 PM, and her interview with Robert Osborne at the TCM Film Festival at 7:30 PM (which is a must see).

January 13: Robert Redford returns with This Property is Condemned at 8:00 PM, Barefoot in the Park at 10:00 PM, Inside Daisy Clover at 12:00 AM, and The Chase at 2:15 AM.

January 14: Check out the cinematography of Charles Lawton, Jr. tonight with The Lady from Shanghai at 8:00 PM, A Raisin in the Sun at 9:45 PM, Gunman’s Walk at 12:00 AM, Spencer’s Mountain at 2:00 AM, and The Vanishing Virginian at 4:15 AM.

January 16: More movies based on Neil Simon tonight with The Goodbye Girl at 8:00 PM, Chapter Two at 10:00 PM, and Only When I Laugh at 12:15 AM.

January 18: Enjoy a Gregory Peck double feature of To Kill a Mockingbird at 8:00 PM and Duel in the Sun at 10:15 PM, then stay up late for the Buster Keaton classic Our Hospitality at 12:45 AM.

January 19: TCM commemorates Martin Luther King, Jr. day with a day of movies about fighting prejudices and a night of movies starring Sidney Poitier. During the day, there’s Intruder in the Dust at 6:00 AM, …Tick…Tick…Tick at 8:00 AM, Lost Boundaries at 10:00 AM, The World The Flesh and the Devil at 12:00 PM, One Potato Two Potato at 2:00 PM, The Learning Tree at 3:45 PM, and Glory at 5:45 PM. The Sidney Poitier line-up includes The Defiant Ones at 8:00 PM, To Sir, With Love at 10:00 PM, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner at 12:00 AM, Something of Value at 2:15 AM, and Edge of the City at 4:15 AM.

January 20: Happy birthday to Patricia Neal! See her in The Hasty Heart at 6:00 AM, John Loves Mary at 7:45 AM, It’s a Great Feeling at 9:30 AM, Operation Pacific at 11:00 AM, Bright Leaf at 1:00 PM, A Face in the Crowd at 3:00 PM, and The Subject Was Roses at 5:15 PM. Then it’s back to Robert Redford with Out of Africa at 8:00 PM, The Way We Were at 11:00 PM, and The Great Gatsby at 1:15 AM.

January 21: Robert Osborne has chosen tonight’s movies — A Place in the Sun at 8:00 PM, All This and Heaven Too at 10:15 PM, The Man in the Iron Mask at 12:45 AM, Words and Music at 2:45 AM, and Hills of Home at 5:00 AM.

January 22: Lots of great stuff on today! Trouble in Paradise at 6:00 AM, They Call it Sin at 8:15 AM, She Done Him Wrong at 9:30 AM, Goodbye Again at 12:45 PM, No More Ladies at 3:30 PM. Then it’s a night of Debbie Reynolds movies in recognition of her receiving the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award. There’s Singin’ in the Rain at 8:00 PM, The Catered Affair at 10:00 PM, The Mating Game at 11:45 PM, The Unsinkable Molly Brown at 1:30 AM, and Mary, Mary at 3:45 AM.

January 23: Neil Simon is back with Lost in Yonkers at 8:00 PM, Biloxi Blues at 10:00 PM, Seems Like Old Times at 12:00 AM, and The Sunshine Boys at 2:00 AM.

January 25: The Male Animal at 6:30 AM, You Were Never Lovelier at 10:15 AM, The Harvey Girls at 2:00 PM, Inherit the Wind at 4:00 PM, Forbidden Planet at 6:15 PM, and The Sweet Smell  of Success at 10:00 PM.

January 26:  Take a day trip to Paris with Silk Stockings at 6:00 AM, The Earrings of Madame De… at 8:00 AM, The Last Time I Saw Paris at 11:30 AM, Irma La Douce at 3:15 PM, and Love in the Afternoon at 5:45 PM. Then it’s a night of movies directed by Luis Buñuel with Belle De Jour at 8:00 PM, Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoise at 10:00 PM, Viridiana at 2:00 AM, and The Exterminating Angel at 3:45 AM.

January 27: Robert Redford has his last night as Star of the Month tonight with the Candidate at 8:00 PM, All the President’s Men at 10:00 PM, Three Days of the Condor at 12:30 AM, and Downhill Racer at 2:45 AM.

January 30: One more night of movies based on Neil Simon with The Heartbreak Kid at 8:00 PM, The Prisoner of Second Avenue at 10:00 PM, and Sweet Charity at 12:00 AM.

January 31: January ends with a night of John Barrymore movies. There’s Twentieth Century at 8:00 PM, Counsellor at Law at 9:45 PM, Topaze at 11:15 PM, and Svengali at 12:45 AM.