Ten Little Things I Love About “Since You Went Away”

1. This shot at the train station.

Since You Went Away Train Station

We’ll talk more about the cinematography in Since You Went Away in another post, but this is one of my favorite movie shots of all time.

2. Soda, the dog!

Since You Went Away Soda the Dog

3. When Col. Smollett finds the quiet neighbor girl hiding in the garden.

Since You Went Away Quiet Neighbor

4. Tony’s portrait of Fidelia.

Since You Went Away Tony's Portrait of Fidelia

5. This horoscope from Anne and Tim’s wedding day.

Since You Went Away Wedding HoroscopeWell, it was half right anyway.

6.  The snarky pin-setter lady at the bowling alley.

Since You Went Away Snarky Pin Setter Lady

7. The reactions from Tony’s many admirers when they find out he’s back in town.

Since You Went Away Tony's Admirer

8.  This shot when Anne and Fidelia have a difference of opinion with Emily at Jane’s graduation ceremony.

Since You Went Away Graduation Disagreement

9. The way Tony carries mattresses.

Since You Went Away Tony Carrying a Mattress

10.  The way Jane and Brig wear flowers in their hair.

Since You Went Away Hair Flowers

Wearing flower clips in my hair is one of my favorite ways of adding a little vintage flair to my everyday style and the way Jane and Brig wear them in Since You Went Away is a big reason why I’m so fond of them. They make them look so chic and stylish.