What’s on TCM: June 2014

Rock Hudson Doris Day Pillow Talk

Happy June, everybody! On the TCM front, June looks like it will be a bit of a quiet month, but there’s still plenty of good stuff to set your DVRs for. Rock Hudson is the Star of the Month; his movies will be featured every Thursday night this month. The Essentials, Jr. series will make its return on Sunday nights at 8:00 PM. Actor and comedian Greg Proops is the host for Friday Night Spotlight this month and he will be featuring some of his favorite pirate movies.

If you were at the TCM Classic Film Fest this movie and missed out on seeing Written on the Wind, The Pawnbroker, or The Italian Job, you’re in luck because each of those are on the schedule this month.

Without further ado, let’s get on to the schedule…

June 1: A couple of great Gene Tierney on this afternoon — Laura at 2:15 PM and Leave Her to Heaven at 4:00 PM. Essentials, Jr. makes its return tonight with Bringing Up Baby at 8:00 PM. If Bringing Up Baby leaves you wanting more Cary Grant, it will be followed by I Was a Male War Bride at 10:00 PM.

June 2: The British Invasion takes over TCM tonight with A Hard Day’s Night at 8:00 PM, Go Go Mania at 9:45 PM, Having a Wild Weekend at 11:15 PM, Hold On! at 1:00 AM, and Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter at 2:45 AM.

June 4: Happy birthday to the wonderful Rosalind Russell! They Met in Bombay at 6:15 AM, Fast and Loose at 8:00 AM, A Majority of One at 9:30 AM, Auntie Mame at 12:00 PM, The Trouble With Angels at 2:30 PM, No Time for Comedy at 4:30 PM, and The Feminine Touch at 6:15 PM.

June 5: It’s Rock Hudson’s first night as Star of the Month with The Last Sunset at 8:00 PM, The Tarnished Angels at 10:00 PM, Bend of the River at 11:45 PM, Winchester ’73 at 1:30 AM, and Fighter Squadron at 3:30 AM.

June 6: The first installment of June’s Friday Night Spotlight of pirate movies is tonight with The Sea Hawk (1924) at 8:00 PM, The Black Swan at 10:15 PM, The Spanish Main at 12:00 AM, Pirates of Tripoli at 2:00 AM.

June 9: Lots of great stuff on this morning! City Lights at 6:00 AM, The Thief of Bagdad (1924) at 7:30 AM, A Day at the Races at 10:00 AM, and China Seas at 12:00 PM.

June 10: Happy birthday to the one and only Judy Garland! Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry at 6:30 AM, Everybody Sing at 8:00 AM, Broadway Melody of 1938 at 9:45 AM, Babes in Arms at 11:45 AM, Andy Hardy Meets Debutante at 1:30 PM, For Me and My Gal at 3:00 PM, The Clock at 4:45 PM, and Easter Parade at 6:15 PM. Robert Osborne has selected tonight’s movies — The Woman in the Window at 8:00 PM, Scarlet Street at 10:00 PM, Make Mine Mink at 12:00 AM, The Harvey Girls at 2:00 AM, and Deep in my Heart at 3:45 AM.

June 11: Some pre-code gems on in the morning —  Night Nurse at 6:00 AM, Life Begins at 7:30 AM, and Mary Stevens, M.D. at 8:45 AM.

June 12: It’s Ida Lupino day with They Drive By Night at 7:00 AM, High Sierra at 9:00 AM, Out of the Fog at 10:45 AM, The Hard Way at 12:15 PM, Outrage at 2:15 PM, Beware, My Lovely at 3:45 PM, On Dangerous Ground at 5:15 PM, and The Hitch-Hiker at 6:45 PM. Then Rock Hudson returns with Magnificent Obsession at 8:00 PM, All That Heaven Allows at 10:00 PM, Giant at 11:45 AM, Something of Value at 3:15 AM, and A Farewell to Arms at 5:15 PM.

June 13: I’m very happy to see Written on the Wind is on the schedule for today at 8:00 AM. I wasn’t able to see that one at TCMFF, but it sounded like a good one, so I’m looking forward to having the chance to see it. At 11:15 AM is Thirteen Women, a pretty good little pre-code starring Myrna Loy and Irene Dunne. Then it’s another night of pirate movies tonight with The Crimson Pirate at 8:00 PM, The Pirate at 10:00 PM, The Princess and the Pirate at 12:00 AM, Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd at 1:45 AM.

June 15: Happy Father’s Day! Naturally, it’s a day of movies about fathers on TCM today. Vice Versa at 6:00 AM, The Happy Time at 8:00 AM, The Reluctant Debutante at 9:45 AM, No, My Darling Daughter at 11:30 AM, Life With Father at 1:30 PM, The Courtship of Eddie’s Father at 3:45 PM, Father of the Bride at 6:00 PM, The Yearling at 8:00 PM, Sounder at 10:15 PM.

June 16: Tonight features four film noirs produced by Hammer Films, all TCM premieres. Blackout at 8:00 PM, Man Bait at 9:45 PM, Stolen Face at 11:15 PM, and The Unholy Four at 12:45 AM.

June 17: Gene Wilder is June’s Guest Programmer, who has selected Random Harvest at 8:00 PM, The Merry Widow (1934) at 10:15 PM, Witness for the Prosecution at 12:15 AM, and Dark Victory at 2:30 AM.

June 18: It’s a night of Rene Clair movies with Under the Roofs of Paris at 8:00 PM, July 14th at 9:45 PM, A Nous La Liberte at 11:30 PM, Le Million at 1:00 AM, and The Grand Maneuver at 2:30 AM.

June 19: Rock Hudson is back with Pillow Talk at 8:00 PM, Lover Come Back at 10:00 PM, Send Me No Flowers at 12:00 Am, Come September at 1:45 AM, and Man’s Favorite Sport? at 3:45 AM.

June 20: Excellent day! The Thin Man at 6:00 AM, The Maltese Falcon at 7:45 AM, The Big Sleep at 9:30 AM, Laura at 11:30 AM, and Murder, My Sweet at 1:00 PM. Then Friday Night Spotlight returns with Against All Flags at 8:00 PM, Captain Blood at 9:30 PM, The Sea Hawk (1940) at 11:45 PM, The Master of Ballantrae at 2:00 AM, and The Fortunes of Captain Blood at 3:45 AM.

June 23: TCM takes a trip to the burlesque tonight with Dance, Girl, Dance at 8:00 PM; The Night They Raided Minsky’s at 9:45 PM; Doll Face at 11:30 PM; Gypsy at 1:00 AM; and She’s Working Her Way Through College at 3:45 AM.

June 24: A couple from Judy Garland on this morning, In the Good Old Summertime at 8:45 AM. and Summer Stock at 10:30 AM.

June 25: Lawrence Tierney is the man of the night with Dillinger at 8:00 PM, Badman’s Territory at 9:15 PM, Born to Kill at 11:00 PM, The Hoodlum at 12:45 AM, Step By Step at 2:00 AM, Back to Bataan at 3:15 AM, and San Quentin at 5:00 AM.

June 26: Happy birthday to Peter Lorre! M at 6:15 AM, Stranger on the Third Floor at 8:15 AM, Background to Danger at 9:30 AM, The Constant Nymph at 11:00 AM, The Conspirators at 1:00 PM, Passage to Marseille at 2:45 PM, Hotel Berlin at 4:45 PM, The Verdict at 6:30 PM.  Then it’s Rock Hudson’s last turn as Star of the Month with A Fine Pair at 8:00 PM, Pretty Maids All In A Row at 9:45 PM, Ice Station Zebra at 11:30 PM, Seconds at 2:15 AM.

June 27: One more night of pirate movies with Treasure Island at 8:00 PM, The Boy and the Pirates at 10:00 PM, Captain Kidd at 11:30 PM, Blackbeard the Pirate at 1:00 AM.

June 28: Enjoy a night of Jack Benny with To Be or Not to Be at 8:00 PM, The Big Broadcast of 1937 at 10:00 PM, and College Holiday at 12:00 AM.

June 29: It’s a Carol Reed double feature tonight with A Kid for Two Farthings at 8:00 PM and The Fallen Idol at 10:00 PM.  A Woman of Paris is on at 12:00 AM, which is very much worth staying up late for.

June 30: All of tonight’s movies feature music by Quincy Jones. The Pawnbroker at 8:00 PM, In the Heat of the Night at 10:00 PM, The Slender Thread at 12:00 AM, $ (Dollars) at 2:00 AM, and The Italian Job at 4:15 AM. I’m really looking forward to seeing The Pawnbroker; it’s another movie I was very intrigued by, but wasn’t able to see during TCMFF.