Ten Little Things I Love in Some Like it Hot

Some Like it Hot Sweet SueJoan Shawlee’s facial expressions.

Some Like it Hot Jack Lemmon Backwards BassWhen Jerry/Daphne accidentally tries playing the bullet-ridden bass backwards.

Some Like it Hot - Millionaires RockingMillionaires in rocking chairs, rocking in unison.

Some Like it Hot Osgood MonogramOsgood’s jacket with the sparkly monogram.

Some Like it Hot Jack Lemmon Whole PersonalityThe face Daphne/Jerry makes when Josephine/Joe tells him to give Osgood “the whole personality.”

Some Like it Hot Tony Curtis EarringsThe way Joe’s earrings move as he rides the bike to take Sugar to Osgood’s yacht.

Some Like it Hot Jack Lemmon MaracasJack Lemmon’s way with maracas.

Some Like it Hot Banquet HallThe way Joe and Jerry go sliding across the banquet hall because they’re running around in high heels.

Some Like it Hot Tony CurtisThe look on Joe’s face as he watches Sugar sing “I’m Through With Love.”

Some Like it Hot Nobody's PerfectThe way Jerry reacts to the infamous final line, “Well, nobody’s perfect.”