What’s on TCM: October 2013

Vincent PriceHappy October, everyone!  I hope you’re ready for plenty of classic horror movies because TCM is going all out for Halloween this year. Not only will Friday Night Spotlight be all about classic horror movies, we also get Vincent Price as October’s Star of the Month.  Even though not every Vincent Price night focuses on horror movies, there are a couple that do, including the most important night — Halloween.

TCM’s Story of Film series will continue this month on Monday and Tuesday nights.  I love having the chance to see so many of the movies discussed in the documentary so I’m really looking forward to see more from this series.

October 1:  The month starts off with the Story of Film.  Tonight’s movies include Singin’ in the Rain at 8:00 PM, Double Indemnity at 10:00 PM, The Bicycle Thief at 12:00 AM, Gun Crazy at 1:45 AM, and The Story of Film: Chapter 5 at 3:15 AM.

October 3:  Tonight we get the first night of Vincent Price movies with The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex at 8:00 PM, Leave Her to Heaven at 10:00 PM, The Keys of the Kingdom at 12:00 AM, The Three Musketeers at 2:30 AM, and The Bribe at 5:15 AM.

October 4:  There’s Female on at 8:45 AM, In the Good Old Summertime at 9:45 AM, Pat and Mike at 11:30 AM, It Happened to Jane at 2:45 PM, and His Girl Friday at 6:15 PM.  Then it’s time for a night full of classic horror movies with Carnival of Souls at 8:00 PM, Night of the Living Dead at 9:30 PM, The Testament of Dr. Mabuse at 11:15 PM, Bride of Frankenstein at 1:30 AM, and Frankenstein Created Woman at 3:00 AM.

October 6:  Keeper of the Flame at 6:00 AM, In a Lonely Place at 8:00 AM, Mister Roberts at 8:00 PM.

October 7:  Lots of good stuff on today.  Dancing Lady at 7:45 AM, The Great Ziegfeld at 9:30 AM and Ziegfeld Girl at 3:00 PM.  Then it’s back to the Story of Film with Pather Panchali at 8:00 PM, The Story of Film: Chapter 6 — 1953-1957 at 10:00 PM, Cairo Station at 11:15 PM, Throne of Blood at 12:45 AM, The Seven Samurai at 2:45 AM.

October 8:  The Story of Film continues tonight with Rebel Without a Cause at 8:00 PM, All That Heaven Allows at 10:00 PM, Johnny Guitar at 11:45 PM, The Story of Film: Chapter 6 at 1:45 AM, Los Olvidados at 3:00 AM, and …And God Created Woman at 4:30 AM,

October 9:  Tonight is all about movie parodies starting with Love and Death at 8:00 PM, Murder By Death at 9:30 PM, Support Your Local Sheriff at 11:15 PM, and This is Spinal Tap at 1:00 AM.

October 10:  Vincent Price returns with The Baron of Arizona at  8:00 PM, His Kind of Woman at 9:45 PM, The Las Vegas Story at 12:00 AM, Dangerous Mission at 1:30 AM, Son of Sinbad at 3:00 AM, and Serenade at 4:45 AM.

October 11:  Get ready for another night of classic horror with Horror of Dracula at 8:00 PM, Isle of the Dead at 9:30 PM, Dead of Night at 11:00 PM, The Haunting at 1:00 AM.

October 13:  Today has The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie at 2:00 PM, Magnificent Obsession at 4:00 PM, High Society at 6:00 PM, The Thomas Crown Affair at 8:00 PM, Raffles at 10:00 PM, Nosferatu at 12:00 AM, Vampyr at 2:00 AM, The Vampire Bat at 2:00 AM, and The Vampire at 4:30 AM.

October 14:  Happy birthday to Lillian Gish and Vincente Minnelli!  For their birthday tributes, we can see Broken Blossoms at 6:00 AM, The White Sister at 7:45 AM, La Boheme at 10:15 AM, The Scarlet Letter at 12:00 PM, One Romantic Night at 1:45 PM, The Cobweb at 3:00 PM, The Story of Three Loves at 5:15 PM.  After that, it’s back to the Story of Film with Nights of Cabiria at 8:00 PM, The Story of Film: Chapter 7 — 1957-1964 at 10:00 PM, Winter Light at 11:15 PM, Pickpocket at 12:45 AM, Cleo From 5 to 7 at 2:15 AM, The 400 Blows at 3:45 AM, and Rocco and His Brothers at 5:30 AM.

October 15:  More from The Story of Film with A Fistful of Dollars at 8:00 PM, Accatone at 9:45 PM, Breathless at 12:00 AM, The Story of Film: Chapter 7 at 1:45 AM, I Am Curious (Yellow) at 3:00 AM, and L’Ecclise at 5:15 AM.

October 16:  Happy birthday, Angela Lansbury!  See her in Gaslight at 7:30 AM, The Harvey Girls at 9:30 AM, If Winter Comes at 11:15 AM, Kind Lady at 1:00 PM, Mister Buddwing at 2:30 PM, In the Cool of the Day at 4:15 PM, and The Manchurian Candidate at 5:45 PM.  Then it’s Tyrone Power’s turn in the spotlight with Rawhide at 8:00 PM, Nightmare Alley at 9:45 PM, The Mark of Zorro at 11:45 PM, The Black Swan at 1:30 AM, and Marie Antoinette at 3:00 AM.

October 17:  Get ready for more Vincent Price with While the City Sleeps at 8:00 PM, The Story of Mankind at 9:45 PM, The Big Circus at 11:30 PM, Master of the World at 1:30 AM, Convicts Four at 3:15 AM, and The Trouble With Girls at 5:15 AM.

October 18:  Friday night horror movies are back with Burn, Witch, Burn at 8:00 PM; The Tomb of Ligeia at 9:45 PM; The Seventh Victim at 11:15 PM; Curse of the Demon at 12:30 AM; and I Walked With at Zombie at 2:15 AM.

October 19:  During the day are Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at 2:00 PM, The Grapes of Wrath at 4:00 PM, and Dr. Strangelove at 6:15 PM.  Then it’s on to a night of movies directed by Tod Browning with Freaks at 8:00 PM, Mark of the Vampire at 9:15 PM, The Devil Doll at 10:30 PM, Miracles for Sale at 12:00 AM, and the re-constructed version of London After Midnight at 1:15 AM.

October 20:  Who doesn’t love some Doris Day and Rock Hudson?  Tonight has Lover Come Back at 8:00 PM and Send Me No Flowers at 10:00 PM.  For Silent Sunday Nights, we get Haxan at 12:00 AM and for TCM Imports, tonight’s movie is Kwaidan at 2:00 AM.

October 21:  It’s back to the Story of Film with Boy at 8:00 PM, Knife in the Water at 10:00 PM, The Story of Film: Chapter 8 — 1965-1969 at 12:00 AM, Daisies at 1:15 AM, and Andrei Rublev at 2:45 AM.

October 22:  The second part of this week’s Story of Film series includes Saturday Night and Sunday Morning at 8:00 PM, The Insect Woman at 10:00 PM, The House is Black at 12:15 AM, The House is Black at 12:15 AM, I Am Cuba at 12:45 AM, The Story of Film: Chapter 8 at 3:15 AM, and Black Girl at 4:30 AM.

October 23:  It’s a night of selections by Robert Osborne with Two Girls and a Sailor at 8:00 PM, Castle on the Hudson at 10:15 PM, Trader Horn at 12:00 AM, Malaya at 2:15 AM, and Macao at 4:30 AM.

October 24:  Ready for more Vincent Price?  House of Wax at 8:00 PM, The Mad Magician at 9:45 PM, House of Usher at 11:00 PM, Diary of a Madman at 12:30 AM, The Tingler at 2:15 AM, House on Haunted Hill at 3:45 AM, and The Bat at 5:15 AM.

October 25:  A couple more from Vincent Price this morning, Tower of London at 6:45 AM and The Raven at 8:15 AM.  Then it’s another night of classic horror movies with A Bucket of Blood at 8:00 PM, Dementia 13 at 9:15 PM, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? at 10:45 PM, and Sisters at 1:15 AM.

October 26:  Hope you’re not tired of horror movies, because tonight has Bride of Frankenstein at 8:00 PM, The Mummy at 9:30 PM, Cat People at 11:00 PM, and White Zombie at 12:30 AM.

October 27:  Mr. Skeffington at 8:00 PM, Mrs. Parkington at 10:45 PM, Lon Chaney’s The Phantom of the Opera at 1:00 AM, and Diabolique at 3:00 AM.

October 28:  Another installment of the Story of Film series with The Graduate at 8:00 PM, The Story of Film: Chapter 9 — 1967-1979 at 10:00 PM, McCabe and Mrs. Miller at 11:15 PM, The Last Picture Show at 1:30 AM, and Mean Streets at 3:45 AM.

October 29:  The Story of Film continues with Badlands at 8:00 PM, Cabaret at 9:45 PM, M*A*S*H* at 12:00 AM, and Chinatown at 2:00 AM.

October 30:  Gilbert Gottfried is October’s Guest Programmer and he has chosen Of Mice and Men at 8:00 PM, The Swimmer at 10:00 PM, Freaks at 12:00 AM, The Conversation at 1:15 AM.

October 31:  Happy Halloween!  I’m sure you can guess what today’s schedule is all about — even more classic horror movies!  The Curse of Frankenstein at 6:00 AM, The Mummy at 7:30 AM, Horror Castle at 9:00 AM, Castle of the Living Dead at 10:30 AM, Dracula, Prince of Darkness at 12:15 PM, The Devil’s Bride at 1:45 PM, Dracula Has Risen From the Grave at 3:45 PM, Horror Express at 5:30 PM.  And then Vincent Price brings the month to an end with Pit and the Pendulum at 8:00 PM, The Haunted Place at 9:30 PM, The Masque of the Red Death at 11:15 PM, The Abominable Dr. Phibes at 1:00 AM, Twice-Told Tales at 2:45 AM, and The Tomb of Ligea at 5:00 AM.


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