Fashion in Film Blogathon: Day 2

Walter Plunkett Scarlett Sketch

Kellee from Outspoken and Freckled takes a look at the costumes of two of her favorite 1950s movies, Rear Window and Pillow Talk.

Marlene Dietrich’s costumes never failed to make a splash on screen, but her wardrobe in Shanghai Express is truly unforgettable.  Head on over to The Lady Eve’s Reel Life to learn about Travis Banton and how he collaborated with Dietrich to create such memorable styles.

Speaking of Marlene Dietrich, The Best of Alexandra examines the costumes of one of my personal favorite movies, Witness For the Prosecution.

Lana Turner was another woman who never failed to turn heads.  Jessica from Comet Over Hollywood tells us about Lana’s personal style and how she loved to have fun with fashion.

Bad girls also get to have a lot of fun with their wardrobes. The Nitrate Diva examines the clothes worn by some of cinema’s greatest femme fatales.

By 1967, the “Old Hollywood” system was dead and a new crop of filmmakers were coming in to shake up the system. Many of those “New Hollywood” filmmakers made movies set in the “Old Hollywood” era, and Carley of The Kitty Packard Pictorial is here to highlight some 1960s/70s-does-1930s styles.

Film Flare shines the spotlight on one of my favorite fashionable films, Federico Fellini’s .


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