What’s on TCM: February 2013

Casablanca Poster

We’re already just a few days away from the start of the 2013 edition of 31 Days of Oscar!  This year, the theme for 31 Days of Oscar will be movie studios.  All of the movies are grouped together based on which studio produced them.  A total of twenty-five studios will be showcased throughout 31 Days of Oscar.  Some studios like Warner Brothers, MGM, RKO, and Columbia will have several days devoted to their films so you know those days are going to be chock full of first-rate movies.

I’ve reached a point where I’m not seeing many new-to-me movies during 31 Days of Oscar, so I’m mostly looking forward to seeing a lot of old favorites this month.  But I’m very happy to see TCM will be showing two movies that have been on my “to see” list for a long time now, The Deer Hunter and the Claudette Colbert Version of Imitation of Life.

February 1:  31 Days of Oscar gets off to a roaring start with several days of movies from one of my favorite studios, Warner Brothers.  Today has The Jazz Singer at 6:00 AM, Disraeli at 7:30 AM, Little Caesar at 9:00 AM, The Public Enemy at 10:30 AM, 42nd Street at 12:00 PM, Gold Diggers of 1933 at 1:30 PM, The Adventures of Robin Hood at 6:15 PM, Captain Blood at 8:00 PM, I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang at 10:15 PM, Four Daughters at 12:15 AM, Jezebel at 4:00 AM, and Sergeant York at 5:45 AM.

February 2:  Kings Row at 8:15 AM, Key Largo at 3:00 PM, White Heat at 5:00 PM, the documentary Tales From the Warner Brothers Lot at 7:00 PM, Casablanca at 8:00 PM, The Maltese Falcon at 10:00 PM, Mildred Pierce at 12:00 AM, Watch on the Rhine at 2:00 AM, and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre at 4:00 AM,

February 3:  A Streetcar Named Desire at 6:30 AM, Rebel Without a Cause at 10:00 AM, Mister Roberts at 3:00 PM, Auntie Mame at 5:30 PM, My Fair Lady at 11:00 PM, Wait Until Dark at 2:00 AM, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf at 4:00 AM.

February 4:  East of Eden at 6:30 AM, Days of Wine and Roses at 1:00 PM, Splendor in the Grass at 3:00 PM, Gypsy at 5:30 PM, Bonnie and Clyde at 8:00 PM, Cool Hand Luke at 10:00 PM, and The Wild Bunch at 2:15 AM.

February 5:  The Warner Brothers marathon comes to an end during the day with America, America at 9:00 AM and Rachel, Rachel at 6:15 PM.  Then it’s on to Allied Artists with Cabaret at 10:15 PM.

February 6:  Seven Arts Studios is featured during the day with The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone at 8:00 AM, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? at 1:00 PM, and The Night of the Iguana at 5:45 PM.  After that is a night of movies from Universal Pictures with All Quiet On the Western Front at 8:00 PM, the Claudette Colbert version of Imitation of Life at 10:30 PM, Bride of Frankenstein at 12:30 AM, The Naked City at 4:00 AM, and Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman at 5:45 AM.

February 7:  TCM takes a break from Universal to visit some international studios during the day.  First up is Svensk Filmindustri and Wild Strawberries at 7:45 AM, The Virgin Spring at 9:30 AM, and My Life as a Dog at 11:30 AM.  After that, it’s on to Lux Film with Bitter Rice at 1:30 PM, Big Deal on Madonna Street at 3:30 PM, and I Compagni at 5:30 PM.  Then it’s back to Universal in prime time for The Sting at 10:45 PM and The Deer Hunter at 1:00 AM.

February 8:  Today is the first of three days dedicated to Twentieth Century-Fox.  First up is Sunrise at 6:00 AM, The Rains Came at 9:30 AM, The Grapes of Wrath at 11:00 PM, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn at 1:30 AM.

February 9:  Daddy Long Legs at 8:00 AM, Carmen Jones at 10:15 AM, Pinky at 12:15 PM, No Way Out at 2:00 PM, The Robe at 10:00 PM, Three Coins in the Fountain at 12:30 AM, The Three Faces of Eve at 2:30 AM, and The Snake Pit at 4:15 AM.

February 10:  Today we have Peyton Place at 10:15 AM; Norma Rae at 3:45 PM; Hello, Dolly! at 8:00 PM and Zorba the Greek at 10:45 PM.

February 11:  It’s on to three days of RKO Studios starting with Cimarron at 6:15 AM, Flying Down to Rio at 8:30 AM, Swing Time at 10:00 AM, The Informer at 1:00 PM, Alice Adams at 2:45 PM, Stage Door at 4:30 PM, Vivacious Lady at 6:15 PM, Love Affair at 12:15 AM, Top Hat at 2:00 AM, and Bachelor Mother at 4:15 AM.

February 12:  Suspicion at 8:15 AM, The Magnificent Ambersons at 6:15 PM, Citizen Kane at 8:00 PM, Notorious at 10:15 PM, My Favorite Wife at 12:15 AM, and Kitty Foyle at 2:00 AM.

February 13:  The final day of RKO includes The Stranger at 6:00 AM, The Farmer’s Daughter at 10:00 AM, The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer at 12:00 PM, I Remember Mama at 8:00 PM, and She Wore a Yellow Ribbon at 10:30 PM.

February 14:  The spotlight is turned to Selznick International this afternoon with the Janet Gaynor A Star is Born at 4:15 PM, Gone With the Wind at 8:00 PM, Rebecca at 12:00 AM, Spellbound at 2:30 AM, and Portrait of Jennie at 4:30 AM.

February 15:  Get ready for almost five full days of movies from MGM!  The Broadway Melody at 6:00 AM, Min and Bill at 8:00 AM, When Ladies Meet at 9:15 AM, Mutiny on the Bounty at 10:45 AM, The Great Ziegfeld at 1:00 PM, Boys Town at 4:15 PM, Ninotchka at 6:00 PM, The Champ at 8:00 PM, Grand Hotel at 9:45 AM, Mrs. Miniver at 12:00 AM, Woman of the Year at 2:30 AM, and Thousands Cheer at 4:30 AM.

February 16:  On the Town at 10:15 AM, An American in Paris at 12:00 PM, Singin’ in the Rain at 2:00 PM, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at 4:00 PM, Gigi at 6:00 PM, Ben-Hur at 8:00 PM, North by Northwest at 12:00 AM, Bad Day at Black Rock at 2:30 AM.

February 17:  The Bad and the Beautiful at 12:15 PM, Father of the Bride at 2:15 PM, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at 4:00 PM, Butterfield 8 at 6:00 PM, Doctor Zhivago at 8:00 PM, and Blow-Up at 1:30 AM.

February 18:  The Unsinkable Molly Brown at 9:30 AM, the Marlon Brando Mutiny on the Bounty at 11:45 AM, Poltergeist at 8:00 PM, Victor/Victoria at 10:00 PM, and The Goodbye Girl at 12:30 AM.

February 19:  The MGM marathon draws to a close this afternoon and my final pick for that is The Boy Friend at 7:00 AM.  In prime time, it’s time to visit Paramount Studios with The Racket at 8:00 PM, Wings at 9:30 PM, The Love Parade at 12:00 AM, The Smiling Lieutenant at 4:00 AM, and Second Chorus at 5:30 AM.

February 20:  It’s a Sol Lesser Productions morning with Stage Door Canteen at 10:00 AM, then it’s on to a Cinerama afternoon with This is Cinerama at 12:30 PM and How the West Was Won at 2:30 PM.  Then it’s back to Paramount in prime time for Hold Back the Dawn at 8:00 PM, Going My Way at 10:15 PM, The Lady Eve at 12:30 AM.

February 21:  During the day, it’s all about Walter Wanger Productions with Stagecoach at 1:45 PM and Foreign Correspondent at 5:45 PM.  After that, it’s back to Paramount with Double Indemnity at 8:00 PM and A Place in the Sun at 10:00 PM.

February 22:  Get ready for three and a half days of Columbia Pictures!  Make lots of coffee for today because it is a real four-star day all day today.  Lady for a Day at 6:15 AM, The Awful Truth at 8:00 AM, Holiday at 9:45 AM, Theodora Goes Wild at 11:30 AM, You Can’t Take it With You at 1:15 PM, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington at 3:30 PM, Only Angels Have Wings at 5:45 PM, Here Comes Mr. Jordan at 8:00 PM, You Were Never Lovelier at 10:00 PM, All the King’s Men at 12:00 AM, From Here to Eternity at 2:00 AM, and Born Yesterday at 4:15 AM.

February 23:  Bye Bye Birdie at 9:30 AM; Bell, Book, and Candle at 11:30 AM; Anatomy of a Murder at 1:30 PM; Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner at 6:00 PM, On the Waterfront at 8:00 PM, Easy Rider at 2:30 AM.

February 24:  The Bridge on the River Kwai at 9:30 AM, Lawrence of Arabia at 12:30 PM, Gandhi at 4:30 PM, Tootsie at 8:00 PM, Kramer vs. Kramer at 10:15 PM.

February 25:  Columbia Pictures finishes their marathon today with Funny Girl at 12:30 PM, The Way We Were at 3:30 PM, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind at 5:30 PM.  Then it’s on to Touchstone Pictures for some more modern movies such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit at 8:00 PM and The Color of Money at 2:45 AM.

February 26:  This morning, it’s on to Hal Roach Studios  with Way Out West at 10:45 AM, Merrily We Live at 1:30 PM, Topper at 3:15 PM, Topper Takes a Trip at 5:00 PM, and Topper Returns at 6:30 PM.  Then it’s the start of a series of movies from The Samuel Goldwyn Company with Dodsworth at 8:00 PM and The Best Years of Our Lives at 10:00 PM.

February 27:  Stella Dallas at 6:15 AM, Ball of Fire at 8:15 AM, Wuthering Heights at 10:15 AM.  In prime time, we move on to London Film Productions with The Four Feathers at 8:00 PM, The Third Man at 10:00 PM, The Fallen Idol at 12:00 AM, and The Thief of Bagdad (1940) at 2:00 AM.

February 28:  We start off with a morning of films by the Ealing Studios, including The Lavender Hill Mob at 7:45 AM and The Ladykillers at 10:45 AM.  Then it’s onto some Otto Preminger hits with The Moon is Blue at 12:30 PM and The Man With the Golden Arm at 2:30 PM.  Tonight we have a night of movies from Embassy Pictures with The Graduate at 8:00 PM, The Producers at 10:00 PM, and The Lion in Winter at 11:45 PM.


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