What’s on TCM: January 2013

Annex - Young, Loretta (He Stayed for Breakfast)_03Happy new year, everyone!  With winter officially underway, it’s very tempting to spend every night at home watching movies with a cup of hot chocolate, and TCM has plenty of reasons to do just that.

Loretta Young is January’s Star of the Month, in honor of her 100th birthday, and will be spotlighted every Wednesday night this month.  If you’re a fan of pre-codes, you’re bound to adore the first two Loretta Young nights.  I tend to enjoy heist films, so I’m really looking forward to every Tuesday night this month being dedicated to movies about big robberies.

Another star who would be celebrating their 100th birthday this month is Danny Kaye.  If you only know him from White Christmas, be sure to tune in on January 20th because TCM will be playing his movies for a full 24 hours, including an episode of The Danny Kaye Show and an interview he did on The Dick Cavett Show.

January 1:  Start off the new year with Funny Girl at 8:30 AM; My Fair Lady at 11:15 AM; and Hello, Dolly! at 5:30 PM.  Then comes the first night of heist films starting with The Pink Panther at 8:00 PM, The Asphalt Jungle at 10:00 PM, Rififi at 12:00 AM, Big Deal on Madonna Street at 2:15 AM, and Jack of Diamonds at 4:00 AM.

January 2:  It’s a day full of movies with ghosts or angels, including Cabin in the Sky at 9:45 AM, Topper at 11:30 AM, Angel on my Shoulder at 3:30 PM, and Here Comes Mr. Jordan at 5:30 PM.  After that, it’s time for Loretta Young with Laugh, Clown, Laugh at 8:00 PM; Platinum Blonde at 9:30 PM; Taxi! at 11:15 PM; Life Begins at 12:30 AM; The Squall at 1:45 AM; and The Show of Shows at 3:45 AM.

January 3:  Loretta Young continues into today with Loose Ankles at 6:00 AM, I Like Your Nerve at 7:15 AM, Road to Paradise at 8:30 AM, and The Truth About Youth at 10:00 AM.  Then it’s a birthday tribute to Marion Davies with The Bachelor Father at 11:15 AM, Polly of the Circus at 1:00 PM, Page Miss Glory at 2:15 PM, and Ever Since Eve at 4:00 PM.  For prime time, there’s a night full of Shirley Temple movies with The Littlest Rebel at 8:00 PM, Captain January at 9:30 PM, Curly Top at 11:00 PM, I’ll Be Seeing You at 12:30 AM, Fort Apache at 2:00 AM, and Adventure in Baltimore at 4:15 AM.

January 4:  All of tonight’s movies were directed by Jack Arnold.  There’s The Creature From the Black Lagoon at 8:00 PM, Tarantula at 9:30 PM, The Incredible Shrinking Man at 11:00 PM, and It Came From Outer Space at 12:30 AM.

January 5:  You know how to whistle, don’t you?  Well, the characters in tonight’s movies certainly do.  The night starts off with To Have and Have Not at 8:00 PM, The Whistler at 10:00 PM, Libel at 11:15 PM, A Fistful of Dollars at 1:00 AM, M at 3:00 AM, and Theodora Goes Wild at 4:45 AM.

January 6:  During the day, there’s Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise at 6:30 AM, Dark Victory at 10:00 AM, Boys’ Night Out at 12:00 AM, The Wrong Man at 4:00 PM.  In prime time, there’s a James Stewart double feature of Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation at 8:00 PM and Take Her, She’s Mine at 10:00 PM.  Tonight’s Silent Sunday features are Cecil B. DeMille’s The Cheat at 12:00 AM and The Dragon Painter at 1:00 AM.

January 7:  An assortment of good movies will be on during the day today, such as The Merry Widow (1934) at 6:00 AM, Gaslight at 9:30 AM, The Bad and the Beautiful at 4:00 PM, and Somebody Up There Likes Me at 6:00 PM.  The first guest programmer of 2013 is Bill Paxton, who has chosen Juliet of the Spirits at 8:00 PM, The Spirit of the Beehive at 10:30 PM, California Split at 12:30 AM, and The Last Detail at 2:30 AM.

January 8:  Happy birthday to Elvis!  You can see him in Speedway at 6:15 AM; Kissin’ Cousins at 8:00 AM; Tickle Me at 9:45 AM; Live a Little, Love a Little at 11:30 AM; Viva Las Vegas at 1:45 PM; Jailhouse Rock at 2:45 PM; It Happened at the World’s Fair at 4:30 PM; and Love Me Tender at 6:30 PM.  After that, it’s back to heist films with Oceans Eleven at 8:00 PM, Seven Thieves at 10:15 PM, Bob Le Flambeur at 12:15 AM, Kaleidoscope at 2:00 AM, and 5 Against the House at 4:00 AM.

January 9:  Pre-code fans are going to love tonight’s Loretta Young line-up!  Employees’ Entrance at 8:00 PM, Heroes For Sale at 9:30 PM, Born to be Bad at 11:00 PM, Midnight Mary at 12:15 AM, They Call it Sin at 1:45 AM, The Hatchet Man at 3:00 AM, Play-Girl at 4:30 AM, and The Ruling Voice at 5:45 AM.

January 10:  One more Loretta Young movie to start off the day, She Had to Say Yes at 7:00 AM.  Tonight, it’s a night of Robert Osborne’s picks with Demetrius and the Gladiators at 8:00 PM, Roughly Speaking at 10:00 PM, Old Acquaintance at 12:00 AM, The Hurricane at 2:00 AM, and The Tuttles of Tahiti at 4:00 AM.

January 11:  If you’re in the mood for some epic comedies, there’s It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World at 8:00 PM and The Great Race at 11:00 PM.

January 12:  It’s a night of sibling rivalries starting with What Ever Happened to Baby Jane at 8:00 PM, A Streetcar Named Desire at 10:30 PM, The Little Foxes at 12:45 AM, East of Eden at 2:45 AM, and Steel Against the Sky at 5:00 AM.

January 13:  Tonight’s Silent Sunday Night includes three amazing silent comedians, Harold Lloyd in Bumping Into Broadway at 12:00 AM, Buster Keaton in The Scarecrow at 12:30 AM, and Chaplin in The Pilgrim at 1:00 AM.  Tonight’s TCM import is Jacques Tati’s Jour de Fete at 2:00 AM.

January 14:  Tonight is the debut of TCM’s AFI Master Class series.  This installment features Robert Zemeckis and Don Burgess and will be airing at 8:00 PM and 11:30 PM.

January 15:  Susan Hayward will be getting plenty of airtime today with The Hairy Ape at 8:15 AM, Deadline at Dawn at 10:00 AM, They Won’t Believe Me at 11:30 AM, Tulsa at 1:00 PM, I’ll Cry Tomorrow at 2:30 PM, Top Secret Affair at 4:30 AM, and I Thank a Fool at 6:15 PM.  Then it’s back to heist films with The League of Gentlemen at 8:00 PM, $ (Dollars) at 10:00 PM, Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round at 12:15 AM, Odds Against Tomorrow at 2:15 AM, and The Day They Robbed the Bank of England at 4:00 AM.

January 16:  At 8:30 AM, is the 1940 version of Gaslight, not the Ingrid Bergman version.  Loretta Young takes the spotlight again with A Man’s Castle at 8:00 PM, Suez at 9:15 PM, Kentucky at 11:00 PM, The Life of Jimmy Dolan at 12:45 AM, Beau Ideal at 2:30 AM, and Big Business Girl at 4:00 AM.

January 17:  Join Eddie Muller, president of the Film Noir Foundation, for a night of great film noir with Cry Danger at 8:00 PM, 99 River Street at 9:30 PM, Tomorrow is Another Day At 11:00 PM, The Breaking Point at 12:45 AM, and The Prowler at 2:30 AM.

January 18:  This is a very fun day!  Happy birthday to the one and only Cary Grant!  See him in Suzy at 6:15 AM, Mr. Lucky at 8:00 AM, None But the Lonely Heart at 10:00 AM, Gunga Din at 12:00 PM, The Philadelphia Story at 2:00 PM, Notorious at 4:00 PM, and Monkey Business at 6:00 PM.  After Cary Grant comes a night of Laurel and Hardy starting with Chickens Come Home at 8:00 PM, Politiquerias at 8:45 PM, Blotto at 9:45 PM, La Vida Nocturna at 10:15 PM, Be Big! at 11:30 PM, Laughing Gravy at 12:00 AM, and Les Carottiers at 12:45 AM.

January 20:  TCM celebrates the 100th birthday of Danny Kaye today with an entire day of his movies.  The Danny Kaye Show at 6:00 AM, Up In Arms at 7:00 AM, Merry Andrew at 8:45 AM, Danny Kaye on the Dick Cavett Show at 10:30 AM, The Kid From Brooklyn at 12:00 PM, The Inspector General at 2:00 PM, Me and the Colonel at 4:00 PM, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty at 6:00 PM, Hans Christian Andersen at 8:00 PM, The Court Jester at 10:00 PM, A Song is Born at 12:00 AM, Wonder Man at 2:00 AM, and The Man From the Diners’ Club at 4:00 AM.

January 21:  Enjoy a day full of Sidney Poitier movies, with No Way Out at 6:00 AM, Blackboard Jungle at 8:00 AM, Something of Value at 9:45 AM, Edge of the City at 11:45 AM, A Raisin in the Sun at 1:15 PM, A Patch of Blue at 3:30 PM, and To Sir, With Love at 5:30 PM.  Tonight, TCM celebrates Dick Van Dyke winning the Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award by showing Divorce, American Style at 8:00 PM; Cold Turkey at 10:00 PM; Fitzwilly at 12:00 AM; Bye Bye Birdie at 2:00 AM; and Some Kind of a Nut at 4:00 AM.

January 22:  It’s another night of heist films with How to Steal a Million at 8:00 PM, Topkapi at 10:15 PM, The Happy Thieves at 12:30 AM, Cairo at 2:15 AM, and The Andersen Tapes at 4:00 Am.

January 23:  At 7:30 AM is The Sadist starring Arch Hall, Jr. I don’t typically recommend Arch Hall, Jr. movies, but I was rather impressed by The Sadist.  Tonight’s Loretta Young movies are The Doctor Takes a Wife at 8:00 PM; Bedtime Story at 9:45 PM; Wife, Husband, and Friend at 11:15 PM; A Night to Remember at 12:45 AM; Week-end Marriage at 2:30 AM; and Grand Slam at 3:45 AM.

January 24:  Happy birthday to Ernest Borgnine!  His birthday tribute includes From Here to Eternity at 6:00 AM, Bad Day at Black Rock at 8:15 AM, The Catered Affair at 9:45 AM, Torpedo Run at 11:30 AM, The Badlanders at 1:15 PM, The Flight of the Phoenix at 2:45 PM, and Ice Station Zebra at 5:15 PM.  Tonight is the first of two nights in which TCM will be playing movies featuring songs by Jimmy Van Heusen.  First, there’s Road to Morocco at 8:00 PM, Welcome Stranger at 9:30 PM, Thoroughly Modern Millie at 11:30 PM, Some Came Running at 2:15 AM, and Under the Yum Yum Tree at 4:45 AM.

January 25:  Night Two of Jimmy Van Heusen includes The Tender Trap at 8:00 PM, Robin and the 7 Hoods at 10:00 PM, and Oceans Eleven at 12:15 AM.

January 27:  It’s a night of 1930s Alfred Hitchcock tonight with The 39 Steps at 8:00 PM, The Lady Vanishes at 9:30 PM, and Sabotage at 11:15 PM.

January 29:  Today has Carmen Jones at 6:00 AM, The Man With the Golden Arm at 7:45 AM, The Seven Year Itch at 9:45 AM, and Anatomy of a Murder at 3:15 PM.  The final night of heist films includes The Italian Job at 8:00 PM; The Lavender Hill Mob at 10:00 PM; They Came to Rob Las Vegas at 11:30 PM; Armored Car Robbery at 1:45 AM; Guns, Girls, and Gangsters at 3:00 AM; and The Hoodlum at 4:15 AM.

January 30:  Today features a Paul Lukas marathon with Strictly Dishonorable at 6:30 AM, Age of Indiscretion at 8:15 AM, Espionage at 9:45 AM, Confessions of a Nazi Spy at 11:00 AM, and Address Unknown at 12:45 PM.  Loretta Young enjoys her last night as Star of the Month with The Farmer’s Daughter at 8:00 PM, The Stranger at 9:45 PM, Rachel and the Stranger at 11:30 PM, Along Came Jones at 1:00 AM, Key to the City at 2:45 AM, Cause for Alarm! at 4:30 AM, and The Unguarded Hour at 5:45 AM.

January 31:  January draws to a close with a night of Lee Marvin movies starting with Cat Ballou at 8:00 PM, followed by Monte Walsh at 10:00 PM, The Dirty Dozen at 12:00 AM, and Point Blank at 2:45 AM.


  1. Just to clarify — the Loretta Young pictures are Wednesday evenings going into Thursdays, similar to the Barbara Stanwyck showings in December. Looking forward to lots of the lovely Loretta, whose reputation was more rehabilitated by the pre-Code revival than any other actress (with the possible exception of Norma Shearer).

  2. LOVE these heads-up lists, Angela, and they are so much work! Thank you for steering us toward great stuff. I know what I’ll be doing January 4 — big fan!

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