What’s on TCM: November 2012

Happy November!  Even though this isn’t one of my favorite months on TCM, it’s still a pretty busy month.  First of all, Constance Bennett is the Star of the Month, which I’m pretty happy to see.  Her movies will be shown every Tuesday night in November.

If you’re a fan of seeing how films compare to the novels they were based on, you are going to love this month.  Every Monday and Wednesday night will be full of movies based on books and the adaptations will continue until prime time on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I love the idea of this series, but I would have liked to have seen it done on Mondays and Thursdays instead, just because it’s kind of an avalanche of book adaptations during the first part of the week.

November 1:  November starts off with a couple good crime movies in prime time, The Big Heat at 8:00 PM and Bullit at 9:45 PM.

November 2:  Tonight is a Tom Ewell triple feature with The Lieutenant Wore Skirts at 8:00 PM, Adam’s Rib at 10:00 PM, and The Seven Year Itch at 12:00 AM.

November 3:  Merle Oberon steps into the spotlight with Wuthering Heights at 8:00 PM, A Night in Paradise at 10:00 PM, The Divorce of Lady X at 11:30 PM, The Cowboy and the Lady at 1:15 AM, The Dark Angel at 3:00 AM, and The Lion Has Wings at 5:00 AM.

November 4:  Lots of good things on today.  In Name Only at 8:00 AM, Stage Door at 10:00 AM, Fiddler on the Roof at 4:45 PM, and Pandora’s Box at midnight.

November 5:  Happy birthday to Vivien Leigh!  See her in Fire Over England at 6:45 AM, Sidewalks of London at 8:30 AM, A Yank at Oxford at 10:00 AM, Waterloo Bridge at 11:45 AM, That Hamilton Woman at 1:45 PM, A Streetcar Named Desire at 4:00 PM, and The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone at 6:15 PM.  Then comes the first night of film adaptations of books, starting with The Grapes of Wrath at 8:00 PM, The Great Gatsby at 10:15 PM, The Story of Temple Drake at 12:45 AM, The Old Man and the Sea at 2:15 AM, The Age of Innocence at 4:00 AM, and Babbitt at 5:30 AM.

November 6:  The adaptations of novels continues with Alice Adams at 6:45 AM, The Naked and the Dead at 8:30 AM, The Fountainhead at 11:00 AM, All the King’s Men at 1:00 PM, Peyton Place at 3:00 PM, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn at 5:45 PM.  Then it’s on to the first night of Constance Bennett movies.  Pre-code lovers are going to be a big fan of this line-up.  There’s Lady With a Past at 8:00 PM, Sin Takes a Holiday at 9:30 PM, The Easiest Way at 11:00 PM, The Common Law at 12:30 AM, Son of the Gods at 2:00 AM, and Born to Love at 3:45 AM.

November 7:  Another night of novel adaptations starts at 8:00 PM with The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Call of the Wild at 10:00 PM, She at 11:45 PM, The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe at 1:45 AM, Moby Dick at 3:3o AM, and Lost Horizon at 5:00 AM.

November 8:  Excellent day!  The novel adaptations continue with Mutiny on the Bounty at 7:30 AM, Treasure of the Sierra Madre at 9:45 AM, Moonfleet at 12:00 PM, Captain Blood at 1:45 AM, The Scarlet Pimpernel at 4:00 PM,  and The Prisoner of Zenda at 6:00 PM. Then in prime time is a selection of movies from Entertainment Weekly’s list of all-time great movies.  There’s Breathless at 8:00 PM, Top Hat at 9:45 PM, Network at 11:45 PM, Sunrise at 2:00 AM, and Diner at 3:45 AM.

November 9:  Happy birthday to Hedy Lamarr!  Her birthday tribute includes Lady of the Tropics at 6:00 AM, H.M. Pulham Esq. at 7:45 AM, Ziegfeld Girl at 9:45 AM, Crossroads at 12:00 PM, The Conspirators at 1:30 PM, Experiment Perilous at 3:15 PM, and A Lady Without Passport at 5:00 PM.  After that comes a Sergio Leone triple feature of A Fistful of Dollars at 8:00 PM; For a Few Dollars More at 9:45 PM; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly at 12:00 AM.

November 10:  During the day, there’s The Public Enemy at 6:00 AM, the 1931 version of The Maltese Falcon at 7:30 AM, and King Kong at 1:15 PM.  Then during prime time is a very fun pairing of movies, Dinner at Eight at 8:00 PM and The Thin Man at 10:00 PM.

November 11:  San Francisco at 8:00 AM, A Day at the Races at 10:00 AM, Witness for the Prosecution at 12:00 PM, A Night to Remember at 2:00 PM, and National Velvet at 5:45 PM.  During this week’s Silent Sunday Night, you can see John Barry more as Sherlock Holmes at 12:00 AM and Buster Keaton in Sherlock, Jr. at 1:30 AM.

November 12:  Happy birthday to Grace Kelly!  You can see her in Mogambo at 6:00 AM, Dial M For Murder at 8:00 AM, Green Fire at 10:00 AM, The Swan at 11:45 AM.  Then it’s time for more film adaptations of novels with The Man With the Golden Arm at 8:00 PM, From Here to Eternity at 10:15 PM, Lolita at 12:30 AM, The Haunting at 3:15 AM, and The Chosen at 5:15 AM.

November 13:  The novel adaptations continue into today with Light in the Piazza at 7:15 AM, Ship of Fools at 9:15 AM, The Group at 12:00 PM, The Caine Mutiny at 2:45 PM, and Anatomy of a Murder at 5:00 PM.  Then it’s on to another night of Constance Bennett with What Price Hollywood at 8:00 PM, Our Betters at 9:45 PM, Two Against the World at 11:15 PM, Law of the Tropics at 12:30 AM, Rockabye at 2:00 AM, and After Tonight at 3:15 AM.

November 14:  More novel adaptations tonight with the 1941 The Maltese Falcon at 8:00 PM, The Big Sleep at 10:00 PM, Ten Little Indians at 12:00 AM, In Cold Blood at 2:00 AM, and Kiss Me Deadly at 4:30 AM.

November 15:  Even more novel adaptations today starting with The Kennel Murder Case at 6:30 AM, The Woman in White at 8:00 AM, The Mask of Dimitrios at 10:00 AM, Green for Danger at 12:00 PM, The Postman Always Rings Twice at 2:00 PM, A Kiss Before Dying at 4:00 PM, and Strangers on a Train at 6:00 PM.

November 18:  Today certainly has an interesting assortment of movies.  I Love You Again at 10:00 AM, Queen Bee at 12:00 PM, Casablanca at 2:00 PM, Sex and the Single Girl at 4:00 PM, and It Happened One Night at 6:00 PM.  At 2:00 AM is the German version of Greta Garbo’s Anna Christie.

November 19:  At 3:00 PM is Goodbye, Mr. Chips followed by Victor/Victoria at 5:45 PM.  Then it’s another night of novel adaptations starting with Doctor Zhivago at 8:00 PM, Anna Karenina with Vivien Leigh at 11:30 PM, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939 version) at 1:30 AM, Madame Bovary at 3:30 AM, and Gigi at 5:30 AM.

November 20:  The second half of the novel adaptations continues with Lon Chaney’s The Phantom of the Opera at 7:30 AM, The Three Musketeers (1935 version) at 9:15 AM, The Brother’s Karamazov at 11:00 AM, Taras Bulba at 1:30 PM, Bonjour Tristesse at 4:00 PM, and Jules and Jim at 6:00 PM.  Then Constance Bennett takes over again with After Office Hours at 8:00 PM, Merrily We Live at 9:30 PM, Topper at 11:15 PM, Topper Takes a Trip at 1:00 AM, and Bed of Roses at 3:30 AM.

November 21:  Happy birthday to Eleanor Powell!  I’m really looking forward to her birthday tribute since anything that involves Eleanor Powell dancing is worth seeing. Broadway Melody of 1936 at 6:30 AM, Broadway Melody of 1938 at 8:30 AM, Rosalie at 10:30 AM, Broadway Melody of 1940 at 2:15 PM, and Lady Be Good at 4:15 PM.  Then it’s time for more novel adaptations with To Kill a Mockingbird at 8:00 PM, Gone With the Wind at 10:15 PM, Wise Blood at 2:15 AM, and The Heart is a Lonely Hunter at 4:15 AM.

November 22:  More novel adaptations with God’s Little Acre at 6:30 AM, Anne of Green Gables at 8:45 AM, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm at 10:15 AM, Lassie Come Home at 12:00 PM, The Yearling at 1:45 PM, The Secret Garden at 4:00 PM, and the 1949 version of Little Women at 5:45 PM.

November 23:  I don’t know why, but there is Hitchock galore today.  There’s an interview of his from The Dick Cavett show at 6:30 AM, followed by Under Capricorn at 8:00 AM, Strangers on a Train at 10:00 AM, The Wrong Man at 11:45 AM, North by Northwest at 1:45 PM, Suspicion at 4:15 PM, and Dial M For Murder at 6:00 PM.

November 24:  William Wyler is the man of the night.  There’s Jezebel at 8:00 PM, Ben-Hur at 10:00 PM, Mrs. Miniver at 2:00 AM, and Funny Girl at 4:30 AM.

November 25:  Top Hat at 8:30 AM, The Women at 12:00 PM, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at 2:30 AM, and The Lemon Drop Kid at 6:15 PM.  Tonight’s TCM Import is the TCM Premiere of 1934’s L’Atalante at 3:00 AM.

November 26:  It’s time for another night of novel adaptations with Pride and Prejudice at 8:00 PM, Jane Eyre at 10:15 PM, Great Expectations at 12:00 AM, A Room With a View at 2:00 AM, and Jungle Book at 4:00 AM.

November 27:  The novel adaptations roll on with Treasure Island at 6:00 AM, Lord of the Flies at 8:00 AM, Frankenstein at 9:45 AM, Ivanhoe at 11:00 AM, Wuthering Heights at 1:00 PM, Far From the Madding Crowd at 3:00 PM, and Brighton Rock at 6:00 PM.  After that is one last night of Constance Bennett with Tail Spin at 8:00 PM, Wild Bill Hickok Rides at 9:30 PM, Two-Faced Woman at 11:00 PM, Smart Woman at 12:45 AM, and The Unsuspected at 2:30 AM.

November 28:  The first half of the last round of novel adaptations kicks off at 8:00 PM with The Time Machine, followed by The Andromeda Strain at 10:00 PM, Solaris at 12:15 AM, 2010 at 3:15 AM, From the Earth to the Moon at 5:15 AM.

November 29:  The novel adaptations come to an end with The Vanishing American at 7:00 AM, The Last Hunt at 9:00 AM, Apache Territory at 11:00 AM, Santa Fe at 12:30 PM, The Ox-Bow Incident at 2:00 PM, The Searchers at 3:30 PM, and Cimarron (1960 version) at 5:30 PM.  And then it’s on to a night of Soviet women with The Iron Petticoat at 8:00 PM, Silk Stockings at 9:45 PM, Comrade X at 11:45 PM, and Ninotchka at 1:30 AM.


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