Paramount Centennial Blogathon: How it Works

The first day of the Paramount Centennial Blogathon is already just a day away!  Tomorrow at about 9:00 AM Eastern, I’ll have a post up for that day’s contributions.  All you have to do is comment on that post with a link to your article and I’ll update the post with links as they come in.  Or if you’d prefer, you’re always welcome to send me an e-mail with your link at HollywoodRevue AT gmail DOT com.  If you plan to contribute on Friday, I’ll have a post for day two’s contributions up at 9:00 AM Friday.

I can’t wait to read all of your posts!


  1. Hi!

    I am frantically trying to complete my post but have to admit this snuck up on me after hosting the What A Character event this past weekend. My time this week is very limited. I am aiming to have it ready for Friday but it may be late on that day. If I can’t make it by then I will advise you. Even if late I wil link to the blogathon. I absolutely love your posts on Paramount so far. I will keep you posted and apologize in advance if I cant complete but will try my best.

    My topic is of Paramount importance to me 🙂 and I want to be sure to give it proper kudos.


    1. No worries! I’m not going to have a set cut-off time for Friday, so even if you get it done late, I promise your link will still be included in the post.

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