A Paramount Centennial Montage

When you’re hosting a blogathon to celebrate a movie studio’s hundredth anniversary, it’s hard to know where to begin when you try to plan your contributions to your own blogathon.  There have been so many great stars who worked at Paramount over the years, it would have been hard to choose just a few to write about.  And Paramount has been behind so many of the greatest films of all time, picking a few movies seemed even harder than picking a few stars.

But since we are talking about a movie studio here, I decided the best way for me to pay tribute would be through video.  So I put together a montage of clips from 48 movies produced by Paramount, representing every decade of its existence except for the 1910s since, unfortunately, I don’t have access to any of their movies from that decade.  Since I was limited to movies I have copies of, I know I’ve left out some pretty important movies from the studio’s history, but it still says more than I ever could in just a few blog posts.

If you’re interested in seeing a Paramount movie from the 1910s, 1912’s Queen Elizabeth is currently available on YouTubeQueen Elizabeth was the first movie released by Adolph Zukor’s Famous Players Film Company.  Famous Players’ motto was “Famous Players in Famous Plays,” and Queen Elizabeth certainly fits in with that philosophy.  It offers a rare look at legendary stage actress Sarah Bernhardt, who only acted in a handful of films.  Famous Players later merged with Jesse Lasky’s Lasky Picture Show Company and Paramount Pictures to form Famous Players-Lasky, which later became simply Paramount Pictures.


  1. Lovely! I could identify almost all films, but I don’t know form which movie is the still of Elizabeth Taylor dancing. Can you help me, Angela?

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