The Hollywood Revue Turns 2!

Today marks my second blogaversary!  My second year of blogging was even better than my first.  Over the past year, I’ve had a wonderful time with events like Blogging Under the Stars, 30 Days of Pre-Codes, hosting the Fashion in Film blogathon, and participating in blogathons like the Loving Lucy blogathon, the Carole-tennial (+3!), Project Keaton, and the Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier blogathon, just to name a few.  Hopefully my third will be just as delightful!

To mark the occasion, I put together a little retrospective.  I figured just posting links to some of my favorite posts from last year would be boring, so instead I decided to liven up that idea a little bit.  I present to you The Hollywood Revue: Year in Review, a montage featuring clips of 39 movies and events that I wrote about over the past year.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t include clips from everything, but I got in as many as I could!  Hope you enjoy!


    1. Thanks, glad you liked it!

      When I found that picture of Joan a few months ago, I actually saved it specifically for this occasion, lol.

  1. I LOVED it! Bravo! And you ended it just as I would have with the scene fro The Artist. Thanks. I am glad I signed up for this blog

  2. Bravo — glad to see you “jazzed up your lingerie”!

    Oh, and thanks for remembering the exclamation point in “Carole-tennial(+3)!”

    1. Thank you! I just wish I had been able to fit in a clip of Virtue or In Name Only. I really wanted to get at least one of those in there, but they just didn’t seem to fit in.

  3. Happy blogiversary, Angela! Loved the video – it was fun trying to identify as many movies as I could, and I loved seeing some of my all-time favorites included, like All About Eve, The Divorcee, The Maltese Falcon and Private Lives. Here’s to many more!

    1. Thank you very much and I’m so glad you liked the video! All the movies you just mentioned were among some of my favorites to write about last year.

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