Fashion in Film Blogathon: The Contributions

The Trendsetters:

Anna from Defiant Success takes a look at some of the greatest fashion trends set by classic films like From Here to Eternity, It Happened One Night, and Annie Hall.

Le over at Crítica Retrô discusses the impact Esther Williams had on swimwear.

Letty Lynton may have been pulled from circulation due to legal problems, but not before it had a chance to make a huge splash in the fashion world and Craig from Blame Mame is here to tell us all about it.


Katie and Hillary of The Scarlett Olive podcast (and a special guest!) discuss the career of Walter Plunkett.

Vincent from Carole and Co. sheds some light on the life of Irene and showcases some of the work she did for Ginger Rogers, Doris Day, and of course, Carole Lombard.

No fashion in film blogathon would be complete without some Edith Head!  Meredith from Forever Classics has ranked her top ten Edith Head costumes.

There is no such thing as too much Edith Head!  Rianna from Frankly, My Dear pays tribute to Miss Head and showcases her sketches for some of her most memorable designs.


David from Film Classics loves clothing from the 1940s and has given us an amazing overview of 1940s fashion for both men and women.

The always wonderful Carly from The Kitty Packard Pictorial discusses how Hollywood capitalized on people wanting to wear the clothes they saw in movies in the 1930s.  (Can those stores please make a comeback?)

Over at True Classics, Brandie has written a great piece on costume design in the early days of cinema.


Craig from Blame Mame takes a look at the story behind Bette Davis’ iconic party dress from All About Eve.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra tends to get all the credit for being a trend-setting movie, but Yvette from in so many words… is here to showcase the stunning costumes in Cluadette Colbert’s version of Cleopatra.

Lauren from The Past on a Plate not only showcases the incredible costumes from Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon, she also gives us a few recipes, too!  Can’t beat that combination!

Carol Irene over at An Elegant Obsession has given us this incredibly insightful post about the costumes in Singin’ in the Rain.

Ready for a little sci-fi?  Krell Laboratories is taking a look at the styles seen in Flash Gordon.

Rachel from The Girl With the White Parasol has just made me want to re-watch A Letter to Three Wives with her fascinating look at its costumes.

When it comes to the infamous fashion show scene in 1939’s The Women, Adrian is often the one who gets all the credit for that scene.  But as Lara from Backlots points out, Elsa Schiaparelli deserves some credit, too.

Who can forget the fabulous things worn by Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame?  Be sure to head over to Java Bean Rush to take a look at some of the things she wore.

Style Icons:

Who says women get to have all the fashion fun?  Not Yvette from in so many words…!  She also did a list of her top ten stylish men!

Natalie from In the Mood sure loves Barbara Stanwyck and is here to tell us all about Barbara Stanwyck’s collaborations with Edith Head.

Love Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton?  I sure do.  Head on over to As Time Goes By for a look at the iconic looks of both actors and how their influence can still be seen in today’s runways.

Who doesn’t love Cary Grant?  Be sure to check out Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence’s tribute to Cary’s style.

Miscellaneous Articles:

Ever have a hard time deciding what to wear to work?  FlickChick is here to help you navigate the “dos” and “don’ts” of dressing for the office.

Audrey from Fedoras and High Heels has a review of the book “The Way We Wore” by Marsha Hunt.  I think I’ll have to see if they have this one up at my local library!

If only those stores that sold replicas of movie costumes still existed, maybe they could help Sophie from Waitin’ On a Sunny Day find some of her 10 favorite movie costumes!

Jessica at Comet Over Hollywood is all about incorporating her love of classic Hollywood into her everyday life.  Today she’s talking about how she strives to dress just like some of her favorite stars.


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