Fashion in Film Blogathon: How It Works

Tomorrow’s the big day!  A few people have already submitted articles to me and if they are any indication of what’s to come, we are in for some amazing posts!  Tomorrow around 10:00 AM EST, I will make a post with the contributions I’ve already received.  To submit an article, just comment on that post with a link to your article (or articles) and I will update the post with your links as I get them.  Or if you prefer, you can always e-mail links directly to me at HollywoodRevue AT gmail DOT com, either way is totally fine by me.  I am really looking forward to reading what you all send in!


  1. Angela: I’m having problems tonight with my email program. Soon as my posts (I’ve done two) show up on my blog tomorrow, I’ll immediately send you the links. How’s that?

    Hopefully the email kinks will have worked themselves out by then.

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