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Hope everybody had a nice holiday weekend!  Even though it’s still early in July, I’ve been planning a couple of fun things for August and September.  Let’s start with my August plans.  As you already know, August is always Summer Under the Stars Month on TCM.  The great thing about Summer Under the Stars is that not only does it give you the chance to see a significant part of an actor’s body of work in one day, but it’s also a great opportunity to check out some actors you may not know very much about.  So I’ve decided to spend the entire month of August watching at least one (preferably) new to me movie every day from the Summer Under the Stars line-up and post a review a day here.  I figure it’ll be a good way to see some new movies and kind of get out of my movie comfort zone a little bit.  I’ll start posting on August 2nd (since I have to watch something on the first) and finish up on September 1st.

Now, for September’s plans.  On Saturday, September 24th, I would like to host a Fashion in Film blogathon!  I’m looking for articles on:

  • Costume designers
  • Costumes in a particular movie
  • Movies that influenced the way people dress
  • Actresses who became style icons because of their movie wardrobes
  • Analyses of  what a character’s wardrobe says about who they are (I recommend checking out Tom and Lorenzo’s Mad Style articles for inspiration on that).

Anything else you can think of that deals with movie costumes and design is also welcome.  Even though this is a classic film blog, bloggers who write about modern movies are absolutely welcome and encouraged to join in!  You don’t have to sign up to participate (although commenting to let me know if you’re interested in participating is appreciated), but if you’ve got any questions, leave a comment on this post or send me an e-mail at HollywoodRevue@gmail.com.  Have fun!

Oh, and here are some banners for you (click to get the full size images):


    1. Fantastic! Glad to have you on board, I’m sure you’ll figure out something awesome. I don’t know what I’ll be writing about yet either.

  1. Count me in for the blogathon! Fashion has been a recurring theme in the four-plus years of “Carole & Co.”, and I’m certain I can come up with something new and Lombard-related for that day. Best wishes.

    Also, I eagerly await to see your Aug. 29 entry regarding Carole’s appearance the previous day on “Summer Under The Stars.” (Alas, none of the Lombard films scheduled are TCM premieres, though several may be new to you.)

    1. Wonderful! Carole Lombard day is one of the days I’m most looking forward to in August. If I remember correctly, it seemed to be a nice mix of things I haven’t seen and great movies I’d gladly watch again. Plus Carole has been way overdue for a return to Summer Under the Stars 🙂

  2. Can I just post pictures of awesome costumes? 🙂 I’d be good at that. I might come up with something more, but I don’t wanna guarantee it – fashion is kind of outside of my comfort zone, but I do love looking at good examples!

  3. I’m in for this one. Not sure what I’ll write about, but it’s a fascinating topic and I’m sure I’ll come up with something!

    Also: if you’re interested in participating in our Lucille Ball blogathon, it’s scheduled for August 6th! We’d love to have you join us.

    1. Great! There’s still plenty of time, so I’m sure you’ll come up with something great!

      I’d love to participate in the Lucille blogathon, but with my August post-a-day insanity, I’m not sure if I’ll have time to get something together for the 6th. I’m going to try to get together a little something for it though 🙂

  4. Hi there! We at the Scarlett Olive produce a podcast about classic films, but we also love participating in blogathons! Sign us up! 🙂 We have an idea already which may result in us re-posting a show we made last year along with a blog entry.

    1. I’m glad to hear about a classic film podcast! I just started getting back in the habit of listening to podcasts, and was wondering if there were any classic film-focused ones around. I’ll definitely be checking yours out on my way home tonight!

  5. Hello! It sounds like great fun! I am a huge fan of old movie costumes, and I’ve designed the patterns for some authentic Sound of Music costumes. I have a great article on the Sound of Music film costumes which I’d be happy to let you post here if you’d like, so let me know and I’d be happy to send it your way! I’ve studied Dorothy Jeakins’ designs for years, and she was the most superb costume designer!

    Thanks much!
    Katrina http://www.edelweisspatterns.com/blog

  6. OH WOW, you are my new favorite blog for hosting this blogathon!!! I would absolutely love to participate, I think I will focus on the fashion show scene in “The Women.” So excited!!!

  7. I’m in! Loads of topic ideas for this blogathon are rushing in my head right now, from Scarlett O’Hara to Holly Golightly to Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra, and Cary Grant and Fred Astaire’s clean and sharp style and even Chaplin’s iconic Tramp look! I could be talking about practically anything!

  8. I adore old movies and fashion, and I’d love to join. I’m not sure what I’ll write about yet, but I’ll be sure and think of something… thanks for hosting! Hope you’ll have me:)

  9. I’m still debating whether I know enough to join in. But I’ve posted your Blogathon badge on my blog. It’s going to be great fun! I love fashion in film.

  10. This sounds like a lot of fun! Can I join? I don’t know what I’ll write about, but I’m sure I can come up with something.

  11. Hello,

    Like many others, I’m not sure what I’ll be writing up, but this sounds very interesting. I’m looking forward to Sept. 24th to read all the contributions!

    Thanks for hosting,

  12. I definitely want to participate in this. I already do some film inspired fashion posts on my blog so this would be a great fit for me. Now I just have to choose which banner is my favorite.

  13. Okay, I thought it over and I’m definitely in. Why not step outside my comfort zone once in a while? I’m sure I’ll think of something. 🙂

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