What’s on TCM: July 2011

TCM for July is one of those months that’s kind of odd, but I can’t help but love the fact that it’s odd just because where else are you going to see this kind of schedule?  I challenge you to find another network where you can see a night dedicated to portrayals of Arabs in film one night and then singing cowboys the next.  I don’t particularly care so much about the singing cowboys, but I like when TCM does the spotlights on minorities in film because a: I find it interesting, and b: they usually play some stuff that doesn’t get shown too often.  Other than that, it’s a little bit of a slow month to me, but I’m going to welcome that break because next month is Summer Under the Stars time again!

July 1:  Happy birthday to both Charles Laughton and Farley Granger!  Laughton starts the day off with Payment Deferred at 6:00 AM, The Barretts of Wimpole Street at 7:30 AM, The Hunchback of Notre Dame at 9:30 AM, and The Canterville Ghost at 11:30 AM.  Farley Granger takes over at 1:30 PM with Behave Yourself!, Strangers on a Train at 3:00 PM, Side Street at 4:45 PM, and They live by Night at 6:15 PM.  Then it’s the first night of singing cowboys, starting with Roy Rogers and Cowboy and the Senorita at 8:00 PM, Don’t Fence Me In at 9:30 PM, My Pal Trigger at 10:45 PM, The Golden Stallion at 12:15 AM, and Trigger Jr. at 1:30 AM.

July 2:  It’s a night of flower-related films, starting with Charlie Chaplin’s masterpiece City Lights at 8:00 PM, followed by Pygmalion at 9:45 PM, Brother Orchid at 11:30 PM, and To Be or Not to Be at 4:45 AM.

July 3:  Some fun stuff on this afternoon like On the Town at 1:00 PM, Viva Las Vegas at 2:45 PM, and Funny Girl at 4:15 PM.  Then it’s a night of Merian C. Cooper productions, starting with the documentary I’m King Kong: The Exploits of Merian C. Cooper at 7:00 PM, King Kong at 8:00 PM, Mighty Joe Young at 10:00 PM, and Chang at 12:00 AM.  Tonight’s TCM Import is Jean-Luc Godard’s Made in U.S.A. at 2:00 AM and is followed by The Big Sleep at 3:45 AM.

July 4:  No big surprise to see lots of Revolutionary war-related films on during the day like 1776 at 2:00 PM.  Tonight’s line-up was chosen by guest programmer Conan O’Brien, who chose Yankee Doodle Dandy at 8:00 PM, The Roaring Twenties at 10:15 PM, Network at 12:15 AM, and Duck Soup at 2:15 AM.  If you’re still up and want more Marx Brothers, there’s Monkey Business at 3:30 AM and Animal Crackers at 5:00 AM.

July 5:  It’s the first night looking at the portrayals of Arabs in film, starting with some of the early images in silent films such as The Sea Hawk at 8:00 PM, The Thief of Baghdad at 10:30 PM, and Rudolph Valentino’s iconic role in The Sheik at 1:00 AM (which is a TCM premiere, by the way).  Another TCM premiere (albeit not a silent film) is Tarzan the Fearless from 1933, which doesn’t star Johnny Weissmuller.

July 6:  Robert Osbourne picks tonight’s prime time line-up, which includes Cover Girl at 10:00 PM.  At 1:30 AM is Gaslight, but not the version with Ingrid Bergman.  I’m really interested in seeing that one.

July 7:  It’s another night of Arabs in film, tonight looking at how they were portrayed as villains.  Adventure in Iraq at 8:00 PM, Action in Arabia at 9:30 PM, Sirocco at 11:00 PM, Trunk to Cairo at 1:00 AM.

July 8:  It’s a day of Leslie Howard movies, including The Petrified Forrest at 10:15 AM and it’s Love I’m After with Bette Davis at 1:30 PM.  Then it’s back to the singing cowboys featuring Gene Autry.  First is The Old Corral at 8:00 PM, Home on the Prairie at 9:00 PM, Back in the Saddle at 10:15 PM, Texans Never Cry at 11:45 PM, and Wagon Team at 1:00 AM.

July 10:  Casablanca is on at 6:00 PM, followed by Mr. Smith Goes to Washington at 8:00 PM.  Tonight’s Silent Sunday Night feature is Don Juan.

July 11:  TCM will be celebrating Tab Hunter’s 80th birthday all night starting with Gunman’s Walk at 8:00 PM, Ride the Wild Surf at 10:00 PM, Return to Treasure Island at 12:00 AM, Battle Cry at 1:30 AM, and The Golden Arrow at 4:15 AM.

July 12:  I guess it’s a day of rocking teenagers with Bye Bye Birdie at 7:30 AM, Rock Around the Clock at 12:30 PM, Beach Blanket Bingo at 2:00 PM, and Jailhouse Rock at 6:00 PM.  Tonight’s installment of Arabs in film is all about epics like Lawrence of Arabia at 8:00 PM, Lion of the Desert at 12:00 AM, and The Four Feathers at 3:00 AM.

July 13: Happy birthday to Laurence Olivier!  Westward Passage at 7:45 AM, Fire over England at 9:00 AM, The Divorce of Lady X at 10:45 AM, Clouds Over Europe at 12:30 PM, Conquest of the Air at 2:00 PM, Demi-Paradise at 3:15 PM, and Richard III at 5:15 PM.  Then Shirley Jones gets to be the woman of the night with The Music Man at 8:00 PM, The Courtship of Eddie’s Father at 11:00 PM, A Ticklish Affair at 1:15 AM, Oklahoma! at 3:00 AM, and The Secret of My Success at 5:30 AM.

July 14:  Tonight’s look at Arabs in film looks at how they have been ridiculed over the years with Ali Baba Goes to Town at 8:00 PM, Road to Morocco at 10:00 PM, Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy at 11:45 PM, Arabian Tights at 1:45 AM, and The Sad Sack at 2:30 AM.

July 15:  Tex Ritter and Jimmy Wakely are the singing cowboys tonight, starting with Song of the Gringo at 8:00 PM, The Old Chisholm Trail at 9:15 PM, Cowboy Canteen at 10:30 PM, Oaklahoma Blues at 11:45 PM, and Band of Fear at 12:45 AM.

July 16:  Tonight is a showcase of some of Clark Gable’s later works starting with The Misfits at 8:00 PM, Mogambo at 10:15 PM, Band of Angels at 12:15 AM, Betrayed at 2:30 AM, and The King and Four Queens at 4:30 AM.

July 17:  A somewhat odd combination of movies, but I can dig it — Norma Shearer’s version of Romeo and Juliet at 12:00 PM, It’s Always Fair Weather at 2:15 PM, and The Apartment at 4:00 PM.  Then in prime time is a night of college comedies starting with Horse Feathers at 8:00 PM, The Male Animal at 9:15 PM, Too Many Girls at 11:00 PM, and The Freshman at 12:30 AM.

July 19:  Some Walter Matthau movies on during the day, starting with A Face in the Crowd at 6:45 AM, Onionhead at 9:00 AM, Gangster Story at 11:00 AM, Ensign Pulver at 12:15 PM.  Then there’s I Confess at 2:00 PM.  The theme to tonight’s Arabs in Film spotlight is Arab Maidens.  At 8:00 PM is Caesar and Cleopatra, followed by Dream Wife at 10:15 PM, Kismet at 12:15 AM, and Chandu the Magician at 2:30 AM.

July 20:  It’s a night of romances based on great literature with Pride and Prejudice at 8:00 PM, Madame Bovary at 10:15 PM, Anna Karenina at 12:15 AM, Little Women at 2:00 AM, and Far From the Maddening Crowd at 4:15 AM.

July 21:  It’s time for  another night of Arabs on Film, tonight looking at Arabs as Sheiks.  Drums of Africa at 8:00 PM, Harum Scarum at 10:00 PM, Jewel of the Nile at 12:00 AM, The Son of the Sheik at 2:00 AM, and The Wind and the Lion at 3:30 AM.

July 22:  At 6:00 PM is The Great Waltz.  Then Dick Foran and Monte Hale are tonight’s singing cowboys.  Moonlight on the Prairie at 8:00 PM, Song of the Saddle at 9:15 PM, Treachery Rides the Range at 10:30 PM, Land Beyond the Law at 11:30 PM, Home on the Range at 12:30 AM, Under Colorado Skies at 1:30 AM.

July 23:  Go directly to jail.  Do not pass “Go”, do not collect $200, but do watch TCM.  Cool Hand Luke at 8:00 PM, Caged at 10:00 PM, Brute Force at 12:15 AM, Kiss of the Spider Woman at 2:00 AM, and Midnight Express at 4:15 AM.

July 24:  At 8:00 PM is The Thing From Another World.  Tonight’s Silent Sunday Night feature is Douglas Fairbanks in The Mark of Zorro.

July 25:  It’s a night of movies about injustices, including They Won’t Forget at 11:30 PM and Fury at 3:00 AM.

July 26:  Start your day off with Days of Wine and Roses at 6:30 AM and The Great Race at 8:30 AM.  Victor/Victoria is on at 1:00 PM.  Tonight’s selections about Arabs on film are all movies that give fair representations of Arabs, starting with Five Graves to Cairo at 8:00 PM, The Black Tent at 10:00 PM, Three Kings at 12:00 AM, King Richard and the Crusaders at 1:30 AM.

July 27:  Daisy Kenyon at 7:30 AM, The Big Heat at 1:00 PM, and Picnic at 6:00 PM.  Later at 1:00 AM is Joan Crawford in A Woman’s Face.

July 28:  Tonight we get to see how Arabs were portrayed in movies made outside of Hollywood with Princess Tam Tam starring Josephine Baker at 8:00 PM, The Band’s Visit at 9:30 PM, Rana’s Wedding at 11:15 PM, and The Battle of Algiers at 1:00 AM.

July 29:  It’s one last night of singing cowboys. Rex Allen, Herb Jeffries, and Ken Maynard close out the series with Under Mexicali Stars at 8:00 PM, The Last Musketeer at 9:15 PM, Two-Gun Man from Harlem at 10:30 PM, Harlem Rides the Range at 11:45 PM, and In Old Santa Fe at 12:45 AM.  Tonight on TCM Underground at 2:00 AM is something called Symbiosychotaxiplasm: Take One.  I have no idea how to even pronounce that, so I’m sure it’s something worth staying up late for.

July 30:  Lew Ayres gets to be the man of the night starting with All Quiet on the Western Front at 8:00 PM, Young Dr. Kildare at 10:30 PM, The Unfaithful at 12:00 AM, Johnny Belinda at 2:00 AM, Donovan’s Brain at 4:00 AM, and Panic on the Air at 5:30 AM.

July 31:  Sweet Smell of Success is on at 12:00 PM.  Then it’s a night of Dorothy Lamour movies with Road to Utopia at 8:00 PM, Rainbow Island at 9:45 PM, and Slightly French at 11:30 PM.