Just Gotta Match Those Six Numbers…

So was I the only one who downloaded the Debbie Reynolds Profiles in History auction catalog and looked through it while making a mental list of all the things I would so be bidding on if only I had an obscene amount of money?  She’s got so many truly iconic pieces of film history going up on the auction block, how could I not go through it and say, “I want that!” about a thousand times.  So, just for fun, I’d love to know what are the pieces of film history that you’d most love to own.  They don’t necessarily have to be from the Debbie Reynolds auction catalog, but if you had millions of dollars just lying around, what movie memorabilia would you want to spend it on?

Some of my picks (all from that auction catalog):

  • All the costumes from the silent film era, especially Valentino’s costume from Blood and Sand, Harold Lloyd’s suit, Charlie Chaplin’s hat, and any of the Mary Pickford estate items.
  • Carole Lombard’s dress from No Man of Her Own
  • Claudette Colbert’s Cleopatra dress
  • Garbo’s dress from Anna Karenina
  • Any of Norma Shearer’s Marie Antoinette gowns
  • The Judy Garland Wizard of Oz test costume and ruby slippers
  • Vivien Leigh’s suit from Waterloo Bridge
  • Claude Rains’ suit from Casablanca
  • Joan Crawford’s waitress uniform from Mildred Pierce
  • Ginger Rogers’ dress from The Barkleys of Broadway
  • Leslie Caron’s peacock feathered dress from the American in Paris ballet number
  • All the Singin’ in the Rain costumes
  • Marilyn Monroe’s white dress from The Seven Year Itch (who wouldn’t buy that?)


  1. Hmmm I may take some of the silent era stuff. I’m not sure! I think I’d almost feel bad buying someone’s old costume, I don’t know why.

    Unrelated from Debbie Reynold’s memorbillia. There is a huge Max Factor card board display that has Claudette Colbert, Marelene Dietriech and someone else that is being sold on Ebay. I think I’ve had it on my watch list for about a year, but would never buy it because it’s $2,000! haha

    1. Ooh, that would be really cool! I’d definitely love to get into collecting original promotional stuff like that, but boy that stuff gets expensive.

      I wouldn’t have a problem buying someone’s old costume, but once a while back I saw an auction where they were selling off hairpieces worn in movies by Dietrich and Lana Turner and thought that was a little odd. I can’t imagine having people over one day and being like, “Hey, wanna see part of one of Marlene Dietrich’s hairstyles from Kismet?”

  2. Ok, Let’s just start off with the catalog its self. I want that!
    The clip of Mary Pickfords Hair….not so much.

    But, If I had the money i would be getting all of these things…

    1) Any and all of the old camera equipt.
    2) The Valentino Costumes
    3) The Harold Lloyd Suit FOR SURE!
    4) Pickfords personal hats and trunks. I would wear a hat every day!
    5) The Chaplin hat which is crazy expensive and overpriced in my opinion!
    6) The Carole Lombard dress, which I would probably have the money for the lipo to wear that dress.
    Yes I would wear some of this stuff, its so beautiful. I know that is TERRIBLE and shouldnt be done but, i wouldnt be able to resist!
    7) All Katie Hepburn Dresses!
    8) All Colbert Dresses!
    9) Garbo’s Anna Karenina Dress.
    10) Oh, The Marion Davies Paintings! What an amazing find!!! I know exactly where in my house they would look best!
    11) All Norma Shearer Stuff, naturally!
    12) All furniture.
    13) The Clark Gable Robe that I would sleep with every night. ahhh…
    14) Viven Leigh’s suit from Waterloo Bridge.
    15) The Claude Raines Suit.
    16) Paul Henreid’s shirt from Now Voyager
    17) Edward G. Robinson’s personal items
    18) All Mildred Pierce stuff!
    19) Cukor’s personal robe and stuff.
    20) Both Peacock gowns!
    21) All Ginger Rogers Stuff
    22) Everything from singing in the rain.
    23) The Lauren Bacall Wedding gown.
    24) All Mogambo stuff.
    25) Every thing To Catch a Thief.
    26) Everything from An Affair to Remember
    27 The Penalty lobby card
    28) The Harold Lloyd Poster
    29) The Jean Harlow Portrait
    Well, that’s about it. 🙂 lol.

    1. I loved those Marion Davies paintings! Those would be such a unique thing to own. Can you imagine being able to say that you own something that once were in Hearst’s mansion? The Mary Pickford trunks were really cool, too. I love those old trunks in general, but I imagine those ones took some pretty amazing trips.

  3. 1. Marlene Dietrich’s costume for the Hot Voodoo number in “Blonde Venus”… (including the gorilla suit)
    2. Myrna Loy’s striped gown from the Christmas party in “The Thin Man”.
    3. Kay Francis’s gown from any of her movies in the early thirties.

  4. Ok so I actually went through and looked through the catalouge. I think the two tihngs I want the most are Rita Hayworth’s “Dance of the Seven Veils” dress from “Salome” and one of the old movie cameras.

    Some of the old furniture was really cool too. Would be great decor!

    I found a few things interesting:
    1. Olivia de Havilland and Bette Davis were both in “Elizabeth and Essex” and Olivia’s dress was more expensive. Interesting because Bette Davis was the bigger star.
    2. That Marilyn Monroe’s dress from “Seven Year Itch” was 1 -2 million dollars (!!!) and was more expensive than the Ruby Slippers. I knew that is an iconic scene and all, but bigger than the “Wizard of Oz”? Very questionable to me….

    1. They really do have some nice furniture in there. When I watched The Good Earth, I really wasn’t paying attention to the furniture. But when I saw pictures of some of the furniture from that movie in the catalog, I was surprised by how beautiful it was.

      You’re right, that is surprising about Olivia and Bette’s dresses, I didn’t notice that. I’d definitely think Bette’s dress would be the bigger draw. As for the ruby slippers, the only reason that I can think of for why they’re estimated to go for less than Marilyn’s dress is because that pair didn’t end up being used in the final movie. It’ll be interesting to see how those two items do in the auction, it’s not often that you get two of the most iconic movie wardrobe pieces going up for sale.

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