Movies I Want to Live In: This is the Night (1932)

Sometimes I come across a movie that is so incredibly charming, funny, and all-around stylish that I wish I could walk right into the movie and live in it.  1932’s This is the Night is definitely one of those movies.  Here are eight reasons why:

1.  Cary Grant singing while carrying javelins.

2.  Most stylish sliding doors ever.  Seriously, why can’t I just go to Home Depot and get doors like those?  I want doors like those for my closet.  Actually, all the apartments and hotel rooms are pretty awesome, I’d gladly live in any of them.

3.  Even if you’re constantly getting your dresses caught in things, at least they’re fabulous dresses and you’ve got equally fab coats to cover yourself up with.

4.  And if you’re not getting your dress caught in doors, you have the option of wearing some great pajamas.

5.  You still look adorable even if you’re supposed to be the boring, plainly dressed one.  Love Lili Damita’s hat here!

6.  Getting to hang out with the hilarious Charlie Ruggles and Roland Young.

7.  Railway workers who practically choreograph putting luggage on the train.

8.  Simply getting to exist in such a fun, hilariously pre-code world!


  1. BRAVO!!!!!! I was lucky enough to see THIS IS THE NIGHT on the Big Screen at the 2nd Annual TCM Classic Film Festival just a few weeks ago! And WOW!! I just couldn’t agree more. What a luciously saucy Pre-Code film at its finest! I would love to take your hand and jump into the screen with you on this one! Let’s study PURPLE ROSE OF CIARO and see how we can make that happen. 🙂

    1. This must have been so much fun to see on the big screen with a nice, big crowd! And if only Cary Grant would just notice us watching over and over again and invite us in!

  2. ahh I would love to hang out with Roland Young and Charles Ruggles. They are both sooo cute.
    And I agree, I looove the doors in all those Art Deco movies. I often wonder, who really had doors like those because they are sooo awesome.
    I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I think I have it taped.

  3. I haven’t seen this one, but you make me want to. Plus anything Cary Grant is guaranteed to be at least a little fun if not totally awesome. Your post makes me ponder which movie I would want to live in. … I’ll have to get back to you. Probably anything that included Robert Montgomery.

  4. Loved this at the TCM Fest, easily the most delightful surprise of the fest (I expected it to be routine, only interesting as Grant’s first role). I was really glad to see TCM is playing it on TV now, too! More people should see it. I liked how it was almost a musical except totally not – but really, it had a lot of music, from the patter of “Madame has lost her dress” to the rhythmic porters loading to the train to Grant’s singing entrance. Interesting.

    1. It really does have a very distinct style (not in the clothing/furniture sense, but the overall style of the movie.) It definitely felt like a musical at times, but there were some moments where it kinda felt like a stage play too. Such a unique movie, I’m really happy to see that it’s getting more attention lately.

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