The Evolution of a Movie Geek

As seen on The Droid You’re Looking For!:

This was just too good not to share.  Hilarious and very true!  I’m not sure if I’m fully in the Celluloid Sapien stage yet since I can still get pretty snarky (although I doubt that’s ever going to go away), but I think running a movie blog counts as finding a way to share my love of cinema.  Also, I should probably start carrying around a megaphone so I can be just like the person in the illustration.  And just for fun, here’s a quick overview of my movie geek evolution:

Familymovius Cartoonata (Age 3) – Favorite movie: E.T.

Blockbustericus (Age 12) – Favorite movies: Original Star Wars trilogy

Sundancicus Robustus (Age 17) – Favorite movies: Anything Quentin Tarantino

Oscaria Subtitlus (Age 19) – Favorite movies: The Graduate, The Great Dictator

Filmsnobicus Hipsterata (Age 22) – Favorite movies: Les parapluies de Cherbourg, Metropolis, Rock ‘n Roll High School

Celluloid Sapien (Age 25) – Favorite movies: Refer to my Top 100 movies list.

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