Classic Film Ringtones

Earlier today I decided I was sick of the ringtone I had on my phone so I started looking through the Verizon website to see if I could find anything more interesting.  I started by looking through ones from some of my favorite bands, but then I started searching for classic movie songs.  I wasn’t really expecting much, but I ended up finding more than I expected to.  So if you want your phone to reflect your classic film fan status, here are some of the best ones I found:

Doris Day – Que Sera Sera

Both Clark Gable and Fred Astaire- Puttin’ on the Ritz

Marlene Dietrich – Lola (Sung in English)

Fred Astaire – Shall We Dance

Judy Garland – Our Love Affair

Bernard Hermann – Theme from North by Northwest

These were all found on Verizon’s ringtone store, so I can’t be sure if other carriers also have them for sale or not.  I was fully expecting them to have some of the obvious stuff like Judy Garland’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow (and that is there), but I’m very impressed that they actually had Clark Gable’s Puttin’ on the Ritz.


  1. This is awesome. The Blue Angel song intrigues me but I think that crazy deep voice of Marlene’s would be freaky as a ring tone. I might be needing the North by Northwest theme.
    Speaking of Blue Angel. I was watching an old 3rd Rock from the Sun episode, and in Dick’s crazy dream, a German Mary sings “Falling in love again/never wanted to/what am I to do/can’t help it” while sitting on a backwards chair, wearing a blonde wig, filmed in black and white. (I just had to share that with someone who would understand!)

    1. The Dietrich one was kind of odd, but one I was pleasantly surprised to see they even had for sale. Especially since it was the only one by her they had and it wasn’t one of her more well known songs like Falling in Love Again.

      And that is so cool about 3rd Rock From the Sun! I haven’t seen that show in years, but a Blue Angel reference sounds like a good reason to start catching the re-runs.

  2. That’s awesome and really encouraging that Verizon has a pretty wide selection of classic film music!

    I never buy my ringtones…but make them actually there is this website called Myxer ( where you sign up and put your phone number and carrier and all that in there and then upload you song, put it to what part of the song you want your ring tone and then it will text it to your phone.

    I know the website has a horrible lay out and looks sketchy, but I’ve been using it for four years and been okay 🙂 That way you can do whatever classic film song you want!

    1. I’ve heard of that site before, but I was never sure if it was legitimate or not. Glad to know it’s a good site, I’ll definitely be bookmarking that for later use.

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