Classic Cinema A-Z

Once again, I’m hopping on the blogging meme bandwagon!  I’ve seen this A,B,Cs of Film thing going around and thought it would be fun to join in.  All it is is some of my most essential classic movies in alphabetical order.

A is for (The) African Queen

B is for (The) Band Wagon

C is for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

D is for Double Indemnity

E is for 8 1/2

F is for Footlight Parade

G is for (The) Graduate

H is for (The) Heiress

I is for Imitation of Life

J is for Jules and Jim

K is for (The) Kid

L is for (The) Letter

M is for Metropolis

N is for Ninotchka

O is for On the Town

P is for Pillow Talk

Q is for Queen Kelly

R is for Rebecca

S is for Some Like it Hot

T is for The Thin Man

U is for (The) Umbrellas of Cherbourg

V is for Vertigo

W is for (The) Women

X is for X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes

Never actually seen this one, I just needed something that starts with ‘X’.

Y is for You Can’t Take it With You

Z is for Ziegfeld Girl


  1. Fantastic list, Angela! I’m too scared to do this myself, but I think I’d probably agree with you on I, and maybe C and P.

    1. Wow, I love your A-Z list! I almost did go with Rear Window, but it seemed like so many other people were going with that one for ‘R’ that I picked Rebecca just for the sake of being a little different.

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