The Hollywood Revue Turns 1!

That’s right, today is my first blogaversary!  I’ve had a blast writing here over the past year.  I already loved writing about movies when I started this blog, but this past year has been so much fun that I’ve grown to love it even more than I already did.  Thank you to all the readers who have made my first year so much fun!  It’s one thing to write for yourself, but to share what you love with others who share your enthusiasm makes it all the more enjoyable.  If my second year is just as fun as my first, I’ll be a very happy lady.

I thought I’d celebrate my blogaversary by reviewing the movie I named this site after, but reviewing a movie I called a “historical curiosity” didn’t really seem fitting.  But since I do love a good musical number, I’m just going to spam a bunch of my favorite musical numbers instead!


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