White Christmas at The Redford

I’ve been to quite a few classic movie screenings before, but none of them have been quite like the White Christmas screening I went to at the Redford this weekend!  I was totally expecting there to be a good turn-out, but I was expecting it to be about on par with the crowd that was there to see Christmas Vacation a couple of weeks ago: bigger than average turn-out, but not overly crowded.  What I didn’t expect was to get there and have to park in the auxiliary parking lot because the main lot was completely full!   I didn’t even know they had an auxiliary parking lot.  It was definitely the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen for a Saturday matinée!

The whole afternoon was the perfect way for a classic film fan to get into the Christmas spirit.  One of the best things about the Redford Theater is that it still has the organ that was originally installed when the theater was built back in the silent film days.  When you see any movie there, there’s always somebody playing the organ before the movie and during intermission.  Usually, the organist plays movie theme songs, but today he played Christmas songs instead, which was quite lovely.  The theater itself was decorated very nicely and even Santa was there for kids to take pictures with.

A movie like White Christmas is definitely one of those movies that only becomes more fun to watch when you watch it with a big crowd.  It’s such a funny movie and it’s truly delightful to be in a room packed full of people laughing along with it.  I especially enjoyed it because even though I really like the movie, I usually only watch it all the way through once a year.  So every time I watch it, I’ve kind of forgotten little things here and there and it’s fun to be reminded of all those great moments that sort of get pushed to the back of my mind during the year.  I loved how at the end of the movie, the audience started singing along with the White Christmas finale.  It was one of those moments that I just don’t see happen when I go to see newer movies.  I’ve seen a lot of the modern musicals in the theater like Chicago and Mamma Mia, and the audience didn’t sure start singing along with All That Jazz or even Dancing Queen when I was there.  It was just awesome.


  1. That is so nice! I love how they all sang along at the end, I guess everyone was in the Christmas spirit 🙂
    I get so jealous when I read abut showing of old movies lol. No one does that in South Carolina, or at least where I live. Maybe that will be a requirement of where I live when I grow up: Must have old movie showings around town haha.

    1. Aw, that’s too bad there aren’t too many classic film screenings in South Carolina. Don’t stop keeping an eye out for them though, sometimes you can find out about them in the most unexpected places. I didn’t know the Detroit Film Theater played classic movies until I was at a heath food store one day and saw they had copies of the DFT’s schedule to take, lol.

  2. The Ohio Theatre in Columbus also has an original pipe organ and the building was originally a movie hall. A group here plays classic movies there for two months every summer with the organist and all. That’s acutally where I first saw White Chrismas (as a “xmas in July” sort of thing). I loved it. Bing is always a favorite and Rosemary Clooney really grabbed my attention in this one. So lovely. 🙂

    1. That sounds awesome! The Ohio Theater sounds kind of like the Fox Theater in Detroit. It was originally a movie house, I think it still has the original organ, and they used to have matinees of classic movies during the summertime. But by the time I finally had summer afternoons free to go, they had quit doing that. I’m not sure why they stopped, because that would have made for a great afternoon.

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