What’s on TCM: September 2010

I Hope everyone had fun with Summer Under the Stars 2010!  I know I sure did.  I saw a lot of great stuff for the first time and I’ve still got lots to catch up on.  September feels a little slow in comparison, but there’s still some great stuff coming soon.  Vivien Leigh is the star of the month, so you know there will be lots of great movies featuring her this month.  In addition to Vivien, fans of Kim Novak and Mickey Rooney will have a lot to look forward to.  Thursday nights are dedicated to looking at films with the theme of revenge.  Anyone with an interest in Mexico or Mexican films will be interested in TCM’s celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Mexican revolution.  All of this month’s TCM Import selections for this month come from Mexico, plus a night of movies about Pancho Villa, in addition to a few other selections.  Now, onto the highlights:

September 1: At 11:30 AM is Conquest starring Greta Garbo and Charles Boyer. Not one of my favorites, but it’s one that doesn’t come up on TCM very often.  Starting at 8:00 PM is a night of Kim Novak movies, including: Picnic (8:00 PM), Jeanne Eagels (10:00 PM), Pal Joey (12:00 AM), Middle of the Night (2:00 AM), and The Notorious Landlady (4:15 AM).

September 2:  Tonight is the first night of TCM’s look at revenge in films.  First up are Once Upon a Time in the West (8:00 PM), High Plains Drifter (11:00 PM), The Count of Monte Cristo (1:00 AM), They Made Me a Fugitive (3:00 AM), and Paid (5:00 AM).  Of the bunch, the one I’m looking forward to is Paid since I love 1930s Joan Crawford.

September 3:  If you’ve got an interest in Pancho Villa, you’re in luck!  At 8:00 PM is Asi era Pancho Villa, followed by Pancho Villa y la Valentina at 10:00 PM, and Cuando ¡Viva Villa…! es la Muerte at 12:00 AM.  Tonight’s TCM Underground picks involve haunted houses: Burnt Offerings and House on Haunted Hill at 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM respectively.

September 4:  Great day!  First up is That’s Entertainment! Part 2 at 6:00 AM.  Then starting at noon is Rebel Without a Cause, followed by Birdman of Alcatraz at 2:00 PM, and It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World at 4:45 PM.  Starting at 8:00 PM is a night of classic film cougars.  First up is, of course, The Graduate, followed by A Cold Wind in August at 10:00 PM; Summer of ’42 at 11:30 PM; Love, Pain, and the Whole Damn Thing at 1:30 AM; and The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone at 3:30 AM.

September 5:  There’s some great light Sunday afternoon entertainment like Bye Bye Birdie at noon, The Long, Long Trailer at 4:15 PM, and Gidget at 6:00 PM.  In prime time is a look at some highlights from the March of Time newsreel series.

September 6:  An afternoon with more Kim Novak movies!  Boys’ Night Out at 2:00 PM, Of Human Bondage at 4:00 PM and The Legend of Lyllah Clare at 5:45 PM.  I’m interested in seeing Kim’s version of Of Human Bondage, even though I’m sure it wasn’t as great as the Bette Davis version.  At 8:00 PM starts TCM’s 24-hour tribute to the Telluride Film Festival.  The one I’m most looking forward to is Playtime at 11:45 PM.  It’s always a good time for some Jaques Tati.

September 7:  A couple of gems on during the day are The Milky Way at 11:15 AM and The Ladykillers at 1:00 PM.  Tonight is the first night of Vivien Leigh films.  At 8:00 PM is the documentary Vivien Leigh: Scarlett and Beyond.  After that are three of her pre-Gone With the Wind films: Dark Journey (9:00 PM), Storm in a Teacup (10:30 PM), and Sidewalks of London (12:00 AM).  All three of those are TCM premieres.

September 8:  At midnight is Touch of Evil.  Glad to see that one is coming up again.  I’ve only seen it once and didn’t care for it, but I’d really like to give it another chance.

September 9:  Very fun day!  Lots of Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney, both together and separately.  Starting at 6:00 AM is Babes in Arms, Strike Up the Band at 7:45 AM, Little Nelly Kelly at 10:00 AM, Girl Crazy at 11:45 AM, Till the Clouds Roll By at 1:30 PM, Words and Music at 4:00 PM, and Summer Holiday at 6:15 PM.  Girl Crazy and Strike Up the Band are definitely my two favorite Rooney/Garland collaborations.  It’s a Thursday, so that means prime time is dedicated to revenge movies.  I just like how this day starts out on such a lighthearted note and ends in revenge.

September 11:  Starting at 8:00 PM is a night dedicated to films directed by Raoul Walsh.  First up is White Heat, followed by High Sierra at 10:00 PM, Captain Horatio Hornblower at 12:00 AM, They Died with their Boots On at 2:00 AM, and The Men Who Made Movies: Raoul Walsh at 4:30 AM.

September 12: Adam’s Rib is on at 6:15 PM, always a great movie.  After that is Sex and the Single Girl at 8:00 PM.  That one wasn’t one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen, but I got a kick out of it anyway.  I especially liked Lauren Bacall in it.  That night’s Silent Sunday Night feature is The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg with Ramon Novarro and Norma Shearer.  If you missed it during Summer Under the Stars last month, here’s a chance to see it again!

September 13:  Absolutely stellar day!  TCM says happy birthday to Claudette Colbert all day long starting with It Happened One Night at 6:15 AM, It’s a Wonderful World at 8:00 AM, Midnight at 9:30 AM, Boom Town at 11:15 AM, The Palm Beach Story at 1:15 PM, The Secret Heart at 2:45 PM, Three Came Home at 4:30 PM, and The Secret Fury at 6:15 PM.  Starting at 8:00 PM is a salute to the late Patricia Neal.  First up is her Private Screenings interview, followed by The Fountainhead at 9:00 PM, The Subject was Roses at 11:00 PM, A Face in the Crowd at 1:00 AM, and In Harm’s Way at 3:15 AM.

September 14:  You can’t have Vivien Leigh as the star of the month and not play Gone With the Wind and A Streetcar Named Desire, so both of them are on tonight.  GWTW is on at 8:00 PM, Streetcar at 2:15 AM, and in between is the documentary Making of a Legend: Gone With the Wind at 12:00 AM.  If you’ve never seen the documentary, it’s a very in-depth look at the making of Gone With the Wind with lots of rare footage, absolutely worth checking out.

September 15:  Happy 88th birthday, Jackie Cooper!  His birthday tribute includes: The Champ (6:00 AM), Divorce in the Family (7:30 AM), When a Feller Needs a Friend (9:00 AM), O’Shaughnessy’s Boy (10:15 AM), The Devil is a Sissy (11:45 AM), Boy of the Streets (1:30 PM), Gallant Sons (3:00 PM), and Everything’s Ducky (4:30 PM).

September 17:  It’s a night of movies that famously skirted the production codes with The Moon is Blue at 8:00 PM, The Man with the Golden Arm at 10:00 PM, and Baby Doll at 12:15 AM.  Of the three, I highly recommend seeing The Man With the Golden Arm if you haven’t already seen it.  Sinatra’s performance was amazing!

September 18:  Maurice Chevalier is the man of the night!  Starting at 8:00 PM is Gigi, followed by Love in the Afternoon at 10:15 AM, Man About Town at 12:30 AM, The Merry Widow at 2:15 AM, and Jessica at 4:00 AM.  So happy to see Love in the Afternoon made the line-up, it’s one I’ve been wanting to see for ages now.  And Maurice’s version of The Merry Widow is my personal favorite version of that movie.

September 19:  Wait Until Dark at 8:00 PM and Dial ‘M’ For Murder at 10:00 PM.

September 20:  Starting at 6:00 AM kicks off a 24-hour showcase of films saved by the UCLA Film and Television Archive.  Some highlights include: Life With Father at 7:15 AM, Topper at 1:30 PM, and The Red Shoes at 10:00 PM.

September 21:  If you’re a fan of ridiculously campy movies, you’ve got to see Wild Guitar at 6:00 AM.  I haven’t seen it in a long time, but I remember it being everything you could ask for in an Arch Hall, Jr. movie.  Vivien Leigh night is upon us once again.  Tonight’s line up includes: Fire Over England (8:00 PM), That Hamilton Woman (9:45 PM), Waterloo Bridge (12:00 AM), and A Yank at Oxford (2:00 AM).

September 22:  Happy birthday to Erich von Stroheim!  Fans of silent films will be interested to know that The Merry Widow is on at 6:00 AM and is followed by Greed at 8:30 AM.  If you’ve never seen Greed before, be sure to record it while you have a chance!  Even though it’s one of the great masterpieces of the silent film era, it’s not available on DVD and I believe this is the first time TCM has aired it since 2007.  The von Stroheim birthday salute ends at 6:30 PM with Sunset Blvd.  Tonight’s prime time line-up was picked by guest programmer Bill Hader.  His selections include: Five Graves to Cairo at 8:00 PM, Rashomon at 10:00 PM, Brewster McCloud at 11:45 PM, and This is Spinal Tap at 1:45 AM.

September 23:  Happy 90th birthday to Mickey Rooney!  The Life of Jimmy Dolan (6:15 AM), The Chief (7:45 AM), Broadway to Hollywood (9:00 AM), Death on the Diamond (10:30 AM), A Family Affair (11:45 AM), Down the Stretch (1:00 PM), You’re Only Young Once (2:15 PM), Stablemates (3:45 PM), Love is a Headache (5:15 PM), and He’s a Cockeyed Wonder (6:30 PM).

September 24:  If you missed The Sting on Paul Newman day last month, here’s another chance to catch it at 9:45 PM.

September 25:  It’s all Tennessee Williams all night long, including: A Streetcar Named Desire, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Suddenly Last Summer, Sweet Bird of Youth, and Period of Adjustment.

September 26:  Check out the TCM premiere of Viva Zapata! at 8:00 PM, followed by Viva Villa! at 10:00 PM.

September 28:  Vivien Leigh month draws to a close with The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone at 8:00 PM, Anna Karenina at 10:00 PM, Caesar and Cleopatra at 12:00 AM, Ship of Fools at 2:15 AM, and an encore presentation of the documentary Vivien Leigh: Scarlett and Beyond at 5:00 AM.

September 30:  The Heiress at 10:00 PM, The Lady Eve at 12:00 AM, and The Sting at 2:00 AM.  All very different movies, but all fantastic!