What’s on TCM: June 2010

June is looking like a pretty stellar month on TCM.  Natalie Wood is the star of the month, which I’m happy to see since I’ve become pretty fond of her lately.  If you’re a Jeanette MacDonald fan, you’re really in luck because 10 of her movies are on this month.  It’s really a pretty diverse month.  You can see anything from tributes to Judy Garland and Jaques Cousteau to a day of movies about brides and a night of movies that involve mental institutions.  It’s going to be a busy month, so let’s get to the highlights.

June 1:  June gets off to a good start with a daytime birthday tribute to Marilyn Monroe: The Right Cross (7:00 AM), The Asphalt Jungle (8:45 AM), Clash by Night (10:45 AM), and Some Like it Hot (1:00 PM).  In prime time, the line-up is chosen by guest programmer Rich Eisen from Total Access on the NFL Network.  He’s picked a line-up of sports-themed classics: Hoosiers (8:00 PM), Rocky (10:00 PM), The Natural (12:15 AM), and Caddyshack (2:30 AM).  I am so not a sports person, nor do I usually even like sports movies, but I can’t deny that he’s picked some good ones.

June 2:  It’s a night of John Houston movies with  The Dead (8:00 PM), The African Queen (9:30 PM), Across the Pacific (11:30 PM), We Were Strangers (1:15 AM), In This Our Life (3:15 AM), and Sinful Davey (5:00 AM).

June 4:  Happy birthday, Rosalind Russell!  Lots of great stuff, starting with They Met in Bombay at 6:00 AM, The Feminine Touch at 8:00 AM, No Time for Comedy at 10:00 AM, Where Angels Go…Trouble Follows! at 12:00 PM, My Sister Eileen at 2:00 PM, The Women at 4:00 PM, and She Wouldn’t Say Yes at 6:15 PM.  Fans of MST3K may want to stay up late and check out Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy at 2:15 AM.

June 6:  A couple of early morning Bette Davis movies, The Great Lie (6:15 AM), and The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (8:15 AM).  I’ve never seen Private Lives, but I remember liking The Great Lie.  Strangers on a Train is on at 10:15 AM.  If you’ve never seen Strangers on a Train, it really is a must-see.  Then there’s Lolita at 2:30 PM and Funny Girl at 5:15 PM.  TCM’s Essentials, Jr. kicks off its Summer 2010 season at 8:00 PM with Old Yeller.  I think I’ll have to pass on Old Yeller, though.  I have a very big soft spot for animals so I simply refuse to ever watch Old Yeller.  At 2:15 AM is A Nous La Liberte.  If you’re familiar with Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times, you might know A Nous La Liberte as the movie that caused some legal problems for Chaplin.   Modern Times is quite similar to Liberte.  Director Rene Clair insisted he was honored that Chaplin borrowed from him, but the distribution company didn’t care and insisted on suing Chaplin anyway.  Chaplin and Clair remained friends, though.

June 7:  It’s a birthday tribute to Dean Martin featuring: At War With the Army (6:00 AM), Road to Bali (7:45 AM), Ten Thousand Bedrooms (9:30 AM), Some Came Running (11:30 AM), Bells are Ringing (2:00 PM), and Ada (4:15 PM).  The first night of Natalie Wood movies starts at 8:00, but my favorite one of the night, The Star with Bette Davis, doesn’t come on until 4:30 AM.  TCM doesn’t play The Star very often, but it’s a pretty good one.  Worth seeing just for Bette’s campy drunk driving trip with her Oscar.

June 8:  Spend the night with The Saint.  It’s all movies from The Saint series all night long. Edit:  TCM has changed their schedule to pay tribute to Dennis Hopper starting at 8:00 PM with The Sons of Katie Elder, True Grit at 10:15 PM, Rebel Without a Cause at 12:30 AM, Easy Rider at 2:30 AM, and Night Tide at 4:15 AM.

June 9:  During the day, it looks like TCM is having a bridal shower, all movies with the word ‘bride’ in the title, including: Our Blushing Brides (9:00 AM), They All Kissed the Bride (2:30 PM), and The Bride Came C.O.D. (4:00 PM).  Later that night at 10:00 PM is Gilda followed by The Damned Don’t Cry at midnight.  The Damned Don’t Cry is another good one that doesn’t come up on TCM too often.  It’s kind of like Mildred Pierce meets The Public Enemy, Joan Crawford gets lots of great tough lines in it.

June 10: It’s Judy Garland’s birthday and TCM picked lots of excellent movies to celebrate: Listen, Darling (6:00 AM), For Me and My Gal (7:30 AM), Girl Crazy (9:15 AM), Presenting Lily Mars (11:00 AM), The Clock (12:45 PM), The Pirate (2:30 PM), Summer Stock (4:15 PM), and I Could Go On Singing (6:15 PM).  Girl Crazy is one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies.  It’s cheesy, but it makes me laugh and it’s got some great songs.  Judy’s rendition of Embraceable You is must-see.  Definitely my favorite of the Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland pairings.  I’m glad to see so much Judy and Gene Kelly, I really love them together, especially in For Me and My Gal.

June 11:  TCM celebrates the 100th birthday of Jaques Cousteau.  Then at 2:00 AM, they switch from Jaques Cousteau to Mick Jagger in Performance and Tallulah Bankhead in Die! Die! My Darling (4:00 AM).  So if you’re into both Jaques Cousteau and The Rolling Stones, this is your perfect day!

June 12:  San Francisco with Clark Gable, Jeanette MacDonald, and Spencer Tracy is on at 8:00 PM as part of The Essentials.  Later at 12:30 AM is Bullit with Steve McQueen.

June 13:  Lots of things I’ve been wanting to see are on today!  At 12:45 PM is The Paradine Case, which I’ve been wanting to see since it’s Alfred Hitchcock.  The Paradine Case is followed by Judgment at Nuremberg at 3:00 PM.  If Judgment at Nuremberg leaves you in need of a little comic relief, be sure to tune back in at 8:00 for Duck Soup.  Duck Soup is followed by All The King’s Men (9:30 PM) and Wild Oranges (12:00 AM), both things I’ve been wanting to see.  Then you can enjoy a little late night Francois Truffaut with The 400 Blows (2:00 AM) and Fahrenheit 451 (3:45 AM).

June 14:  It’s Natalie Wood night again with A Cry in the Night (8:00 PM), The Girl He Left Behind (9:30 PM), Splendor in the Grass (11:30 PM), Rebel Without a Cause (1:45 AM), The Burning Hills (3:45 AM), and The Searchers (5:30 AM).  I’ve never seen A Cry in the Night and The Girl He Left Behind, but I can’t wait to check them out.  Splendor in the Grass is another one I’ve been wanting to see for quite a while now.  I’d kind of like to see Rebel Without a Cause again just to enjoy how completely and totally ridiculous that movie ultimately is.

June 17:  Today starts off with an odd pairing of movies: Camille with Greta Garbo at 6:00 AM and Shall We Dance with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers at 8:00 AM.  Then at 10:00 AM is Somewhere I’ll Find You with Lana Turner and Clark Gable, I’m looking forward to that one.  Prime time is all about Ralph Bellamy and starts out with a very fun couple of movies: The Awful Truth at 8:00 PM and Carefree at 10:00 PM.

June 18:  If you have an interest in pre-code films, you really should be sure to check out the documentary Complicated Women at 6:15 AM.  It’s a very interesting look at the different types of roles women played in pre-code movies and how those characters were often the most complex of their careers.  After the documentary comes a birthday tribute to Jeanette MacDonald: The Merry Widow (7:15 AM), Naughty Marietta (9:15 AM), Rose Marie (11:00 AM), Bitter Sweet (1:00 PM), Smilin’ Through (2:45 PM), I Married an Angel (4:30 PM), and Three Daring Daughters (6:00 PM).

June 19:  Judy Garland’s version of A Star is Born at 8:00 PM as part of The Essentials.  Seriously, Saturday night prime time programming doesn’t get any better than that!

June 20:  Lots of great stuff on today!  East of Eden at 12:00 PM, Father of the Bride at 2:00 PM, and Bonjour Tristesse at 4:00 PM.  Then at 8:00 PM is To Kill a Mockingbird.  This week’s Silent Sunday Night feature is The Battleship Potemkin, which isn’t one of my favorites, but if you’re interested in editing, it’s worth seeing at least once.

June 21:  Happy birthday to both Jane Russell and Judy Holliday!  The Jane Russell tribute consists of: Double Dynamite (6:00 AM), His Kind of Woman (7:30 AM), The Las Vegas Story (9:45 AM), Montana Belle (11:15 AM), and Macao (12:45 PM).  It switches over to Judy Holliday at 2:30 PM with Adam’s Rib, It Should Happen to You (4:15 PM), Bells are Ringing (5:45 PM).  Natalie Wood night looks amazing: West Side Story at 8:00 PM, Gypsy at 10:45 PM, Love With the Proper Stranger at 1:15 AM, and Sex and the Single Girl at 3:00 AM.  I love West Side Story and Gypsy and I’ve been meaning to see Love With the Proper Stranger and Sex and the Single Girl.

June 22:  Start your day off right with some Billy Wilder classics: Five Graves to Cairo (7:00 AM); Stalag 17 (8:45 AM); Some Like it Hot (11:00 AM); One, Two, Three (1:15 PM), and The Fortune Cookie (3:15 PM).  I feel like One, Two, Three is something of an overlooked Billy Wilder movie, but it is absolutely hilarious and totally worth checking out if you haven’t seen it already.

June 26:  Tonight, The Essentials takes a trip to the mental institution with The Snake Pit.  Other asylum-related movies include Shock Corridor at 10:00 PM, The Caretakers at midnight (campy Joan Crawford alert!), Frances at 2:00 AM, and Bedlam at 4:30 AM.

June 27:  A couple of screwball classics kick off the day with Mr. and Mrs. Smith at 6:00 AM and Bringing Up Baby at 8:00 AM.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith was hardly Hitchcock’s best, but it still had some pretty great moments.  I’m really looking forward to A Very Private Affair at 4:00 AM.  It stars Brigitte Bardot and Marcello Mastroianni, I must see that one!

June 28:  Forsaking All Others with Joan Crawford and Clark Gable is on at 7:00 AM.  Love Joan Crawford and Clark Gable!  In case you didn’t get enough Jeanette MacDonald or Nelson Eddy on the 18th, there’s even more on today: Rosalie at 1:30 PM, Maytime at 3:45 PM, and Sweethearts at 6:00 PM.  Jeanette MacDonald sure is getting a lot of screen time this month!

March 30:  Queen Bee with Joan Crawford at 2:00 AM!  That’s another one TCM doesn’t play too often, but it’s one I’ve been wanting to see.

Note:  All times are Eastern.


  1. Looking forward to this TCM month of June.
    A lot of titles I haven’t seen, and some I can’t see enough (Some Like it Hot is one of my favorite movies).

    1. I’m with you on that one! For me, this is just the right mix of things I’d like to see and things that will never get old. I don’t think it’s possible to see Some Like it Hot too many times. I’ve probably seen that one a thousand times, but it still makes me laugh every time.

      1. But Some Like It Hot is written and played as if they weren’t making a comedy. There’s always someone in the shot who takes himself/herself so seriously that it becomes hilarious. Like Jack Lemmon’s character after the dance or the old millionaire all the way through the story… 🙂

        The first time I saw that movie, I kept chuckling and laughing way about an hour beyond the last scene.

        1. Yes! Jack Lemmon was so brilliant in that scene where he comes back after dancing all night. I can see why he considered that to be some of his best acting. Oh, and I can’t forget the final scene! Jack Lemmon worked so well with Joe E. Brown, and then there’s the last line, which is just perfection.

    1. Ah, yes, The Apartment is also amazing! I love Jack Lemmon in general, I think he’s a bit underappreciated as an actor.

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