Vanity Fair, May 2010

I don’t really read magazines much these days.  I subscribe to Harper’s Bazaar, but otherwise, I don’t really go out of my way to buy anything from the newsstand.  But every once in a while, Vanity Fair is pretty irresistible to me and the May 2010 issue is certainly one of those times.  As you can see, the lovely Grace Kelly is the subject of the cover article.  The Grace Kelly article does a nice job of covering her life and her career as well as discussing her impact as a style icon.  The article features quotes from people who personally knew and worked with Kelly such as Jimmy Stewart and Edith Head as well as people like Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant, who truly understands how Grace Kelly’s classic style endures to this day.

Not mentioned on the cover, but also worth reading, is an article on director Preston Sturges.  I like the fact that Vanity Fair chose to feature two people who had fairly short but legendary movie careers.  Grace Kelly only made 11 films and Preston Sturges only directed 12.  The fact that Vanity Fair will include an article about Preston Sturges for no apparent reason at all explains why sometimes I just have to buy a copy.  Clearly, Vanity Fair loves classic movies.  And the classic film love doesn’t stop there: there’s also a photograph of some of the cast of Glee in a Singin’ in the Rain inspired look and some ads from Fekkai that give tips on how to achieve hairstyles seen in The Graduate, Casablanca, and Singin’ in the Rain.

The May 2010 issue is available on newsstands now, or you can head on over to the Vanity Fair website and check it out there.  For more classic film fun, be sure to visit the Classic Hollywood page to check out some of their past articles and features.